21 Best Small Businesses on Facebook (Examples + Tips)

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Globally, Facebook had almost three billion monthly active users in the first quarter of 2022. An effective Facebook marketing strategy is critical for finding and reaching your people and for growing your business online. 

And it all starts with your Facebook Business page. 

Connecting with your customers is easier when you have a Facebook Business page. With one, you can:

  • Post important information about your business (such as your phone number, email, user names for other social media platforms, etc.) 
  • Let your customers know what you have to offer
  • Publicize upcoming events or announcements (new product launches or exciting pop-up events)
  • Get new customers and increase brand awareness through Facebook marketing campaigns

It's easy to set up your Facebook Business page, but it takes some effort to make it stand out. Below are tips and examples to help you stand out on Facebook.

What is a Facebook Business page?

The Facebook Business page enables brands, public figures, and local businesses to engage with their target audiences. People can like and follow a Business page.

It’s the equivalent of a personal profile—only brands have pages, because they’re public and don’t have to make friends with their target audience. The friendship is one-way: someone follows your business page, but you don’t have to follow or friend them back.

Facebook Business page set up for small businesses

You can make your Facebook Business page stand out in a number of ways as a small business. As soon as you complete the basic setup and select your cover photo, there are a few things you can customize. 

1. Choose a category and template

facebook category page template

You can choose up to three categories for your business to help people find you. Select specific categories so people know what your business is about. 

You can also choose templates for your business based on the categories you select. Different templates to choose from are:

  1. Standard 
  2. Shopping
  3. Professional business
  4. Venues
  5. Nonprofits 
  6. Services
  7. Public figure
  8. Restaurants
  9. Video

Choose a template that fits your business needs. With these templates, you can choose what to include on your Business page based on its default settings.

2. Customize your tabs

Instead of using the same tabs that Meta gives to every business that chooses your template, why not adjust them to fit your brand? 

You can customize your template by adding, moving, and removing tabs. The purpose of them is to organize and display different aspects of your brand. 

For example, a barber would likely have services, reviews, and maybe offers. A local store may use shop and events tabs. It’s a small way to show potential customers what kind of business you run and what kind of personality you have. 

3. Create a custom CTA button

Just like with the default tabs, your templates come with default CTA buttons. If we continue with the restaurant example, try a customized CTA button that will help your business stick out in users’ minds. Instead of Get Directions, you could use “Get in ma belly,” or maybe even your restaurant’s slogan.

4. Connect your Facebook account to Shopify

Connect your Facebook page to Shopify to understand how people interact with your business online. You can access powerful tools to help scale your business on Facebook. 

Some advantages are:

  • Sync your product catalog. You can easily create ads and shoppable posts on Facebook by syncing your Shopify products to your page. 
  • Offer one-tap checkout. Give customers the option to check out on Facebook without ever leaving the app.
  • Sell where people shop. Combining Shopify and Facebook gives you all the best features to market and sell your products through social selling

Connect your Shopify store to your Facebook in your Shopify admin. You can add the Facebook channel by typing “Facebook” into the search bar and following the prompts. 

facebook shopify integration

21 small business Facebook pages to learn from 

1. Magic Spoon

Magic Spoon is perfect for anyone who yearns for Froot Loops or Cocoa Puffs cereal, but can’t because of dietary preferences. With Magic Spoon, adults can be kids again, but still stay healthy thanks to its high-protein, low-carb, sugar-free (most flavors), and gluten-free ingredients.

magic spoon facebook page

Magic Spoon makes a great Facebook Business page:

  • The cover photo and posts are playful and on brand.
  • It posts at least one Facebook post a day to keep the page updated.
  • It interacts with the majority of commenters on every post.

💡Tip: Be consistent and maintain your Facebook Business page regularly. Schedule out posts in advance and make sure you communicate with every commenter. This builds a connection with your brand and can result in more leads and social sales. 

2. Partake Foods

Partake Foods creates snacks and foods that are free of the top eight allergens, so diet-sensitive kids won’t have to miss out. It is the company’s mission to make it possible for everyone to eat delicious, healthy, and safe food.

partake foods facebook page

To make its Business page stand out, Partake Foods does the following:

  • It creates Facebook ads that appear in the company’s Facebook Stories.
  • It places the Message button at the top of the page so customers can easily chat in real time if they have questions.
  • It uses short videos to highlight Partake Foods products. 

💡Tip: Highlight your products with short, engaging videos. Place a Message button on your page so people can message your brand with questions and concerns. 

3. Manitobah Mukluks

Manitobah Mukluks preserves and shares native traditions around the world while giving back to the Indigenous community in Manitoba. The company creates authentic Indigenous footwear that is made to withstand even the coldest climates.

Manitobah Mukluks Fb business page example

Manitobah Mukluks makes the most of its Facebook Business page by:

  • Allowing customers to shop through its page
  • Bringing awareness to Indigenous issues and bringing people into its community 
  • Showcasing user-generated content of customers wearing Manitobah Mukluks products

💡Tip: Manitobah Mukluks does a great job of creating a sense of community on its Facebook Business page. Feature your customers and their posts to show them that you are listening and that they are being heard.

4. Package Free

Focused on sustainability and reducing waste, Package Free sells a variety of products that use minimal to zero packaging. It also aims to eliminate single-use plastic from customers’ everyday routines. 

package free facebook page

Package Free’s Business page does a great job of:

  • Raising awareness and educating potential customers on how to reduce waste in their lives—it even has a newsletter customers can sign up for
  • Taking advantage of Facebook Stories for its ad campaigns
  • Including tutorials on how to properly use and maintain Package Free products.

💡Tip: By raising awareness of humanity’s need to reduce waste, Package Free demonstrates how crucial its products are through its Facebook Business page. Reinforce your brand values and mission through posting and interacting with customers on Facebook. 

5. Naja

Naja is an eco-friendly, socially conscious lingerie company that seeks to empower women. Naja’s aim is to sell luxury lingerie that will fit women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and backgrounds. 

Naja facebook business page

Through its Facebook Business page, Naja:

  • Makes its demographic feel welcome and powerful by posting authentic photos 
  • Creates posts that make you feel like you’re talking to a friend and not a business 
  • Uses the “Send message” CTA so people can connect with the brand directly 

💡Tip: Use your Facebook Business page to empower customers. This builds trust between them and your brand, improving customer retention and sales. Keep your page authentic and friendly. 

6. United By Blue

United By Blue sells a variety of products made from recycled and organic materials. United By Blue's model is unique because it promises to remove one pound of trash from oceans and waterways for every item it sells. 

United By Blue Facebook page

Among the great things about United By Blue's Facebook Business page are:

  • Regular beach cleanups are scheduled on its event calendar
  • Links to its accounts on other apps
  • In addition to selling products, the company uses its page to educate customers about environmental issues 

💡Tip: Allowing your customers to share and get involved in your company’s mission is a great way to deepen your relationships with your customers. Use your Facebook Business Page to educate customers and share your brand values through photos, videos, and events.

7. BLK & Bold

Co-founders Pernell Cezar and Rod Johnson created BLK & Bold to share their love of coffee and tea, as well as to invest in children. That is why they give 5% of their profits to non-profits all over the US that support the guidance, growth, and empowerment of children. 

BLK & Bold coffee facebook page

BLK & Bold’s Facebook Business page is special because:

  • It has a series of frequently asked questions that give you immediate automated answers inside Messenger
  • It uses its page to raise awareness of social issues in line with the company’s mission
  • It posts videos that show how you can use BLK & Bold’s coffees and teas in new ways (i.e., in cocktails)

💡Tip: Include a good FAQ section on your Business page. That way your customers can get answers to quick questions easily and you don’t have to spend hours of your day fielding the same questions over and over again.

8. Cheekbone Beauty

Cheekbone Beauty is a cosmetic brand that aims to support Indigenous youth. It seeks to reduce waste as well as empower Indigenous youth through representation and donations to educational programs. 

cheekbone beauty fb business page

Cheekbone Beauty’s Facebook Business page does a great job of:

  • Using the “Book now” CTA so followers can schedule appointments, discuss their needs, and get a free consultation
  • Showcasing an eye-catching, captivating cover photo that highlights the brand’s personality and product 
  • Sharing empowering messages that show its focus is empowerment, not just selling product

💡Tip: Your cover image is the first thing people see when landing on your Facebook Business page. Create one that conveys your brand message and grabs your followers’ attention.

9. Meow Meow Tweet

Meow Meow Tweet is a vegan personal care brand. Meow Meow offers products such as deodorant, menstrual pads, toothbrushes, and shampoo. Meow Meow's products are low waste and small batch, and every month a different non-profit is selected to receive donations. 

meow meow tweet fb page

The Meow Meow Tweet Facebook Business page does a great job of: 

💡Tip: Don’t be afraid to lean into your company culture. Quality content that shows the quirkiness of your company will help you connect with your customers in a deeper way than any algorithm will. 

10. Bebemoss

Bebemoss is an organic toy manufacturer that employs mothers and women in need to handmake its toys and products. The company focuses on paying fair trade prices and helping sustain families and the planet. 

bebemoss fb page

Bebemoss’ Facebook Business page uses:

  • An FAQ that operates through Messenger to get its customers quick and easy answers to common questions
  • Its platform to raise awareness to economical and social issues that affect mothers and families
  • Video posts to show the inner workings of the company and its many employees (many of whom are refugees and women in need)

💡Tip: Show off how your company makes a difference in your community and in the world like Bebemoss does. As a result, your customers will feel more trust in your company as well as become more aware of the issues your company cares about.

11. Kirrin Finch

Kirrin Finch is a menswear-inspired fashion brand designed to fit female and non-binary bodies. Its goal is to make quality clothes that all genders will feel at home wearing. 

kirrin finch facebook page

Kirrin Finch uses its Facebook Business page to: 

  • Feature Facebook advertising centered around telling the stories of its LGBTQ+ brand ambassadors 
  • Get input from its customers through polls in its stories
  • Shows a map of the brand’s store in New York City

💡Tip: If you’re a brick-and-mortar store, include a map with directions to your location. To boost sales, use the “View shop” CTA so people can purchase your products directly through your Facebook Business page. 

12. Rothy’s

Rothy’s creates shoes and bags from single-use plastic water bottles. Rothy’s shoes are durable, machine washable, and help save the planet. 

rothys fb

Rothy’s uses its Facebook Business page to:

  • Fundraise for causes that affect its customers (like its direct relief fund that helped health care professionals during the height of the pandemic)
  • Promote new products and designs
  • Educate Rothy customers on how its shoes are made and why

💡Tip: A Facebook Business Page is a great place to announce new products. Keeping your page updated will encourage customers to follow it and come back for updates. 

13. MFMG 

MFMG creates beauty products that work with all skin types, especially POCs. Its focus is to serve the community of POCs who feel most beauty brands have forgotten them or not taken them into consideration.

mfmg fb page

The great thing about MFMG’s Business page is:

  • How most of MFMG posts are different makeup tutorials that use MFMG products, rather than straight advertisements 
  • How it encourages a sense of community around the brand
  • How it posts articles and news stories that prove how needed these products are

💡Tip: Stay up to date on the news and keep your customer community informed on how their patronage is helping to fill a need or fix a problem in the world. 

14. Suta

In Hindi, Suta means “thread.” Using this humble word, founders Sujata and Taniya created a fashion brand that wove together traditional weaving methods and contemporary designs. They operate entirely out of India and use artisans from all over the country in order to give back.

suta facebook page

Suta uses its Facebook Business page to:

  • Educate consumers on Indian culture
  • Help motivate people and protect their mental health
  • Participate in ongoing social media trends 

💡Tip: Stay relevant and create interesting posts that connect with your customers. Avoid politically charged content unless it’s part of your brand messaging. People should know what to expect when checking out your page. 

15. Terre Bleu

Based in Canada, Terre Bleu provides lavender-based products like essential oils, skin care products, and candles. All of the lavender is organic and sustainably gathered, and Terre Bleu seeks to educate people on all the wonderful properties of lavender. 

terre bleu facebook

Terre Bleu uses its Facebook Business page to:

  • Connect like-minded people who love plants and nature
  • Promote the beautiful Canadian countryside and wilds
  • Give tips on how people can use Terre Bleu products and lavender in different ways

💡Tip: Show all the different uses your products may have on your Facebook Business page. Consider adding seasonal or holiday flourishes to your products and promoting them on your Business page. It will keep your products feeling fresh and new.

16. Tsuno

Tsuno sells disposable bamboo sanitary pads and organic cotton tampons. What makes Tsuno special is it gives 50% of its profits to programs that will help women and girls in the developing world.

tsuno facebook page

Tsuno uses its Facebook Business page to:

  • Educate and raise awareness on the issues that women and girls face in the developing world 
  • Keep its audience up-to-date on how much their patronage has helped girls all over the world
  • Sell its products through Facebook Shops

💡Tip: Sharing your accomplishments with your customers is a great way to celebrate together. It’s especially important if you have a program like Tsuno that donates a percentage or a product to certain charities. Tell your customers how they’re making a difference by sharing those numbers.

17. Ketnipz

Ketnipz is a t-shirt and hoodie brand that features the widely recognized, gender-neutral character Ketnipz. Founded in 2017, the brand has become a global icon, with over three million followers on Instagram.


Ketnipz uses its Facebook Business page to:

  • Promote the character of its designs with short cartoons and comics
  • Provide an FAQ section that is quickly answered in Messenger
  • Find out which designs and concepts are most popular through the audience interaction of each post

💡Tip: If you have a t-shirt company or design business, try and break up your posts with fun comics or drawings that feature your designs. It’s a good way to see which designs your customer base is responding to before committing to creating loads of merchandise.

18. SUGAR Cosmetics

SUGAR Cosmetics was created to provide good quality cosmetics and makeup pigments that suit Indian skin tones. 

sugar cosmetics facebook page

As a beauty brand, SUGAR cosmetics uses its Facebook Business page to:

  • Post tutorials on how to achieve different looks using SUGAR products
  • Show its products on a variety of skin tones.
  • Offer tutorials on how to maintain makeup tools and products properly so they will last for a long time.

💡Tip: For beauty brands, makeup tutorials are a great way to sell more product. Not only do you get to show that your products do work, you also get to show your customers how they can get the most out of your products.

19. Tofino Soap Company

Canadian-based Tofino Soap Company uses 100% natural and organic ingredients in all of its products. Tofino creates products for your skin, your hair, and even your home. 

tofino soap company facebook page

Tofino uses its Facebook Business page to:

  • Highlight the beauty of the Tofino nature
  • Promote its products and how you can use them
  • Highlight the local artisans that create some of Tofino’s products

💡Tip: Educate your consumers on the value of your products due to the locally sourced artisans and materials you use. Show your customers everything that goes into making one of your products, and highlight your artisans. 

20. Satya

Patrice Mousseau started Satya because she wanted to relieve her daughter’s eczema. She wanted a better option than the topical steroid cream her doctor had prescribed, but she couldn’t find one on the market, so she made her own. 

satya fb page

Satya uses its Facebook Business page to:

  • Share celebrity endorsements from people like actor Selma Blair 
  • Educate people about eczema
  • Show all the products available for purchase in the Satya store

💡Tip: Celebrity and influencer endorsements are a great way to build trust with your audience. In fact the influencer market more than doubled from 2019 to 2021. Try sending your products to influencers and celebrities to see if they will promote your products.

21. Verve Coffee Roasters

Founders Ryan O’Donovan and Colby Barr created Verve Coffee Roasters to source the best coffee possible. Verve’s aim is to make a positive impact on coffee communities from the farm to the store. 

verve coffee roasters fb

Verve Coffee Roasters uses its Facebook Business Page to:

  • Feature beautiful photos that show off its nostalgic vibe and clean aesthetic
  • Educate people on its different drinks and products and how Verve does things differently
  • Promote the openings of new store locations

💡Tip: Make sure your videos and images are consistent with the look and feel of your brand. Your Business page is a chance for you to show potential customers what they should expect from you and your company.

Create your Facebook Business page today

Facebook Business pages are the foundation of your Facebook presence, whether you’re a new small business owner or a veteran. It can inform, empower, and even give your customers a sense of belonging. Using your Facebook Business page to its full potential can deepen your relationships with your customers and earn sales for your business.

Take the tips and examples provided above to improve your Business page and get more from your social media marketing efforts. 

Facebook Business page FAQ

Is Facebook good for small business?

With almost three billion active users, Facebook has become a critical platform for small business sales and marketing. A Facebook Business page connects you with your target audience and provides key information about your business, products, and events.

How many small businesses are on Facebook?

There are over 90 million small businesses on Facebook.

Is Facebook free for small businesses?

Yes. Anyone with a personal Facebook profile can create a Business page for free—regardless of whether they post to their own Facebook profile regularly. Anyone can create and manage multiple Business pages with an account.

What is the most popular business on Facebook?

The most popular businesses on Facebook, by likes, are Coca-Cola, Disney, and Converse.