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Beauty Heroes improves customer retention and saves time with an omnichannel approach

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In 2019, Beauty Heroes wanted to take its successful online business to the next level: offline. The clean beauty business decided to open its first brick and mortar location but needed a point of sale system that could manage its customers, from online to IRL and everywhere in between.

With a retail store opening soon, making the wrong decision on a point of sale would be a costly one. After its CEO heard about Shopify POS from a colleague, who had seamlessly integrated it with their online store, Beauty Heroes went all-in to become Omnichannel.

With Shopify POS, Beauty Heroes saw results fast.

  • Saved countless hours, no longer reconciling customer information across channels
  • Grew targeted promotions based on purchase history online and in-store
  • Improved customer loyalty and retention, no matter where customers shop

Our big requirement was that we wanted our customers to have one profile whether they shopped online or in store. When evaluating other POS systems, Shopify POS was by far the most comprehensive. Since we opened the store, it’s been great to keep all data, customer history, and contact information in one profile.

Beauty Heroes

Jeannie Jarnot — Founder and CEO


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What business challenges are you dealing with? We can help.Get in touch