Grafikr A/S

Randers, JYL, Denmark 設立年:2016

At GRAFIKR, in partnership with Shopify Plus, we offer an unbeatable value proposition. As Denmark's leading Shopify agency, we specialize in Premium fashion and lifestyle brands. Together, we empower brands to establish their own fully-owned, independent sales channels. Our passionate team excels in aesthetic design, seamless user experience, and meticulous code. With Shopify Plus, we provide a powerful, scalable platform for brands to achieve their goals and thrive in e-commerce.

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Clear goals, an open dialogue, a professional workflow, and extremely talented and friendly individuals - we have gained a partner, not just a vendor, in Grafikr, and in our view, there is a significant difference. We are looking forward to many years of journeying together!

Thomas Refdahl, CEO & Co-FounderARKK Copenhagen

Grafikr brings their strong opinions and recommendations, and they have just as much ownership of the project as we do. They wholeheartedly commit to this, and they are extremely ambitious and passionate. We are on the same wavelength, and they possess skills that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Rasmus Serup, CEOHairlust

We have obtained an e-commerce website where we are able to grow in a meaningful way. We have ensured an amazing journey for the customer - both visually and user-friendly, where the journey from A to B makes sense.

Michaela Ritsing, Online Key Accounts & Process Optimisation SpecialistDea Kudibal