500,000 and You

Today, we take a moment—amid the exhilarating madness of our days as entrepreneurs, dreamers, and Shopifyers—to mark a milestone in the history of our movement.

Shopify now powers over 500,000 stores.

For our tireless employees, our devoted partners, and our earliest supporters, this is a monumental achievement.

But today, this is all about you. Our merchants.

Because to the world, you are Shopify.

And to Shopify, you are everything.

Every single day, we watch how you work, revel in your passion, delight in your wins, and hear your struggles. We create new ways to serve you better, grow your business, move you closer to your dream.

And every time a Shopify merchant makes the life-changing decision to become who they were meant to be, it’s another boost to the essential force of entrepreneurship.

At a time when retail giants are gobbling up one distinctive retailer after another, growing their clout while shrinking consumer freedom, we are swinging the door wide open for everyone. Because we know that the future of retail lies in more voices and ideas, not fewer.

So you can count on us to be relentless in getting behind your Shopify business. Being part of such a powerful, diverse network will mean possibilities for you we have yet to imagine (but are busy trying to).

Take this moment. It’s yours. It’s proof—500,000 times over—that entrepreneurs can do anything.

As one of our merchants said, “An entrepreneur is not something you become, it’s who you've always been.”

You keep being who you are, and we’ll keep doing everything we can to make that possible.

Team Shopify
August, 2017