15 Ecommerce Influencers to Follow For Hands-on Tips and Inspiration


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Wouldn’t it be excellent if you could see how ecommerce leaders tackle the challenges you face on a daily basis in your business? How about hearing from experts who’ve worked with dozens or hundreds of merchants, who know exactly what it takes to succeed?

Luckily, you can. These ecommerce pros are on Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok, sharing (almost) everything they know about ecommerce marketing, operations, fulfillment, copy, research, and trends.

You’re just a click away from adding them to your regular content diet. Jump into our list of 15 influential voices in ecommerce, broken down into these sections:

Ecommerce marketing influencers

This is the category for you if you want to get more out of your marketing, including your website copy, emails, text messages, and overall marketing strategies. Ecommerce marketers—this is your section to dig into.

1. Chase Dimond

Why should you follow Chase Dimond?

Chase Dimond is co-founder of Structured Agency, an email marketing agency for ecommerce brands which has generated more than $150 million in email attributable revenue since 2018.

He regularly shares his experience, action steps, and easy-to-implement tips on setting up email marketing as an ecommerce brand the right way.

Topics include copywriting tips, cart abandonment, welcome email sequences, subject line ideas, and subscriber engagement. These threads are long, packed with examples, and always share simple ways to implement given tips.

Follow Chase on Twitter and LinkedIn, subscribe to his weekly newsletter, or grab his paid email campaign calendar subscription.

Great place to start:

This Twitter thread on the 10 psychology principles for better marketing results.

2. Connie Cen

Why should you follow Connie Cen?

Connie Cen is the founder and CEO of Rocketeer Media, an email and SMS marketing agency for ecommerce brands. Since launching, the agency has brought more than $10 million of attributable revenue to its clients.

Connie shares results from her marketing campaigns and tips based on those results, as well as analyses of other brands’ marketing strategies, why they’ve worked, and how you can try them out.

She previously ran an ecommerce brand that became popular thanks to TikTok, and sold it to an Inc. 5000 company. Connie knows what she’s doing, and she’s sharing everything she learned.

Follow Connie on Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

Great place to start:

This tweet about designing marketing emails with intention.

3. Nik Sharma

Why should you follow Nik Sharma?

Nik Sharma is an investor, adviser, and operator for some of the fastest-growing DTC brands, including JuneShine, Levels, Feastables, and Caraway. His Twitter profile is an endless source of practical ecommerce tips.

Nik shares his client wins, experiments, and lessons. His Twitter threads share a small piece of advice, then break it down into actionable steps with context, recommended tools, and expected outcomes.

Nik also runs a newsletter with DTC updates, software recommendations, marketing tactics, and more, simplified into a five-minute read. It’s the ultimate DTC rundown for busy, ambitious DTC pros.

Follow Nik on Twitter and subscribe to his weekly newsletter.

Great place to start:

This Twitter thread breaking down the marketing strategy fashion brand Aritzia uses.

4. Kaleigh Moore

Why should you follow Kaleigh Moore?

Kaleigh Moore writes SEO-focused blog content for ecommerce platforms and companies that make ecommerce software. She has bylines in publications like Forbes, Vogue Business, Entrepreneur, and Inc.

Her tweets are the intersection of ecommerce insights, tips on writing and freelancing, and advice for content teams who want to scale with freelancers.

Following Kaleigh will give you instant insight into what makes a strong content team, what impactful writing looks like, and what’s trending in the world of ecommerce and retail.

Follow Kaleigh on Twitter and LinkedIn, and subscribe to her newsletter about writing.

Great place to start:

This tweet on what makes good product copy, with an example.

Ecommerce operations and strategy influencers

This part best serves ecommerce founders, heads of ecommerce, heads of operations, and anyone looking to streamline the way their online store is set up. If you’re into fulfillment, inventory, supply chain, and metrics that reflect a thriving business, you’re in the right place.

5. Sara Du

Why should you follow Sara Du?

Sara Du is the CEO and co-founder of Alloy Automation, an automation solution for ecommerce marketers. Sara made it to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, along with her co-founder, Gregg Mojica.

Sara shares her own experiences and goals as a founder—an excellent reason for commerce owners and executives to follow her and get a regular boost of positive energy.

Whenever she appears on podcasts, panels, and workshops, she announces them on her LinkedIn. Her appearances are always on topics relevant to digital-first commerce brands, like operations and fulfillment, and how integrations and automation fit into that picture.

Follow Sara on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Great place to start:

This LinkedIn post about the very beginning of Alloy Automation.

6. Harshida Acharya

Why should you follow Harshida Acharya?

Harshida Acharya is a partner at Fulfillment IQ, a supply chain consultancy for ecommerce brands, retailers, and third-party logistics (3PL) companies.

Her feed is packed with deep dives into all things ecommerce logistics and supply chain, including warehouse operations, inventory management, finding the right partners, using automation, and more. She also touches on topics of entrepreneurship and diversity.

Harshida is a true subject matter expert and she’s selflessly sharing so many excellent resources you can use to improve your ecommerce operations.

Follow Harshida on LinkedIn.

Great place to start:

This LinkedIn post on inventory management challenges.

7. Joe Spisak

Why should you follow Joe Spisak?

Joe Spisak is the founder and CEO of Fulfill.com, a digital marketplace that helps companies find the right 3PL partner based on their needs. Before Fulfill.com, he founded and was the CEO of ShipDaddy, a fulfillment solution for ecommerce companies.

Once you follow Joe, your daily scroll will get an injection of his tips on nailing your ecommerce logistics and being confident in your business, along with a sprinkle of his personal life and growth.

Joe’s tips are solid and actionable, his tone is encouraging, and his mood is contagious. If you want to level up your ecommerce operations, that’s the perfect mix.

Follow Joe on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Great place to start:

This Twitter thread on finding a great long-term fulfillment partner.

8. Taylor Holiday

Why should you follow Taylor Holiday?

Taylor Holiday is the CEO of Common Thread Collective, an ecommerce growth agency that focuses on making its clients profitable and scalable.

Taylor is the person to follow if you love the nitty gritty aspect of ecommerce—metrics and how they correlate to each other, experiments, and deep dives into what works and what doesn’t in ecommerce, with real-life examples.

He also sparks productive discussions with fellow ecommerce pros that end up educating his audience on a specific ecommerce topic or issue, and regularly shares clips and teachings from the agency’s podcast, called The Ecommerce Playbook.

Follow Taylor on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Great place to start:

This tweet about creative metrics and how they relate to financial results, along with replies to it.

Ecommerce founders

Want to see your experiences as a founder validated? Crave some inspiration when things feel tough? Ecommerce founders, this is a category of your fellow founders who share their wins, losses, and lessons.

9. Caleb Ulffers

Why should you follow Caleb Ulffers?

Caleb Ulffers is the co-founder and CEO of Haven Athletic, a brand of gym bags that help athletes stay organized.

Caleb shares his brand’s milestones, campaigns, challenges, and successes—like hitting seven figures in early 2023 or finding out another brand was copying Haven Athletic’s products.

He also asks questions about things he wants to improve for the brand, and retweets customer feedback and praise to showcase product features that set the brand apart. If you want to be inspired through the good and the bad you experience as a founder, this might be exactly what you need.

Follow Caleb on Twitter.

Great place to start:

This tweet about hitting the highest sales day to date.

10. Dianna Allen-Blalock

Why should you follow Dianna Allen-Blalock?

Dianna Allen-Blalock is the founder of TERRA, a home fragrance brand, as well as Inventora, an inventory management system for makers and manufacturers.

Dianna’s feed is a refreshing stream of experiences of a business owner, raw and real—hitting six figures back in 2021, expanding into a warehouse, preparing for a trade show, and upgrading the equipment she uses to make her products.

If you crave a sense of comfort about what you’re doing and where you’re heading in your ecommerce business, you’ll want to check out Dianna.

Follow Dianna on Twitter.

Great place to start:

This tweet about the opportunity to bring product into Target and other retailers.

11. Davie Fogarty

Why should you follow Davie Fogarty?

Davie Fogarty is founder of the Davie Group, the organization behind ecommerce brands like The Oodie (oversized wearable blankets), Pupnaps (pet beds), and Calming Blankets (weighted blankets). The Oodie alone brought more than $400 million in revenue as of 2022.

On Twitter, Davie shares tips on ecommerce marketing, working with agencies, productivity, hiring, and revenue growth, based on his experience growing his own ecommerce brands. On Instagram, you’ll find his takes and guides on those topics in video format.

And you’ll find over 150 video guides on his YouTube, covering detailed topics like holiday sales, product sourcing, Facebook ads, and email marketing.

Follow Davie on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Great place to start:

This Twitter thread on five questions your customers should be able to answer about you.

12. Haley Pavone

Why should you follow Haley Pavone?

Haley Pavone is the founder and CEO of Pashion Footwear, a brand of convertible heels. She made it to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2022 and appeared on Shark Tank.

Pashion Footwear took the world of heels by storm, seeing a 450% year-over-year growth in 2021 and its first profits in 2022. Haley is hyper-present on social media and shows the brand’s products, milestones, challenges, updates, and day-to-day experiences as an ecommerce founder.

She’s particularly great at connecting with the Pashion Footwear community on TikTok, replying to questions and feedback daily.

Follow Haley on TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Great place to start:

This LinkedIn post on the role of luck in entrepreneurship.

Ecommerce Shopify influencers

If you’re a Shopify merchant, these are the accounts you’ll want to see often. They share Shopify-specific tips, setups, and guides to help you better understand and make the most of your Shopify store.

13. Kurt Elster

Why should you follow Kurt Elster?

Kurt Elster is a senior ecommerce consultant, a Shopify expert since 2012, and the host of The Unofficial Shopify Podcast.

His content is tailored to Shopify store owners, so you’ll see him share updates, podcast clips, tips on upgrading your tech stack, step-by-step tutorials, and questions that spark replies and help him find new topics to cover in his content.

Want to take your Shopify setup to the next level? This might just be the account you need on your social media feed.

Follow Kurt on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Great place to start:

This LinkedIn post on prioritizing average order value over conversion rate.

14. Krissie Claire

Why should you follow Krissie Claire?

Krissie Claire is the founder of Kollectify, a digital marketing agency focused on Shopify developers. The agency positions itself as zero waste, meaning it takes a mindful approach to online marketing that not only speeds up websites and the buying process, but also reduces carbon emissions.

Krissie shares the behind the scenes of working with Shopify app teams, including tips on content strategy, paid ads, app store optimization, and competitor research.

If you’re a Shopify developer or a merchant that wants to get an insight into how Shopify apps work behind the scenes, Krissie is your person.

Follow Krissie on LinkedIn.

Great place to start:

This LinkedIn post about a content marketing strategy for Shopify apps.

15. Jeremy Horowitz

Why should you follow Jeremy Horowitz?

Jeremy Horowitz is a senior partner marketing manager at Gorgias, an integrated help desk solution for online stores and a Shopify Plus partner.

When you spend any amount of time on Jeremy’s LinkedIn, you’ll find reasons to follow him quickly. He unpacks ecommerce topics into a mountain of details, from marketing and financial aspects to his own experiences as both a manager and a consumer.

But the best part of it all is the way he dissects Shopify brands, their numbers, and their strategies. He wraps up each post with lessons or tips he’d apply to situations he covered—it’s gold.

Follow Jeremy on LinkedIn and subscribe to his ecommerce newsletter.

Great place to start:

This LinkedIn post on the success of Steve Madden.

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Ecommerce influencers FAQ

Who are the best ecommerce influencers?

Depending on what your current goals in ecommerce are, you’ll like ecommerce influencers like:

Who are the best ecommerce founders to follow?

The best ecommerce founders to follow include:

Who should I follow on Twitter for ecommerce?

Here are some of the best ecommerce pros to follow on Twitter:

Who are the top Shopify influencers?

Follow these people for tips on all things Shopify, including tutorials, tech stack, and optimization:

  • Kurt Elster, a senior ecommerce consultant and the host of The Unofficial Shopify Podcast
  • Krissie Claire, founder of Kollectify, an agency that works with Shopify developers
  • Jeremy Horowitz, a senior partner marketing manager at Gorgias, a Shopify Plus partner

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