The Taproom

Atlanta, GA, United States Business Est. 2017

At The Taproom, we create high-powered Shopify Plus solutions for fast-growing businesses. Our services range from custom theme design and development to digital marketing, SEO strategy, and growth consultation. As your dedicated partners, we turn Shopify stores into sales powerhouses and provide the tools you need to keep your business growing.



For anyone looking to partner with a company to help design, develop, and prepare your site for launch or for a design or development partner post-launch then we highly recommend partnering with The Taproom. The team at The Taproom demonstrates the highest levels of professionalism and work ethic.

Eric Chandler, Manager, Project & SolutionsThe Mint Julep Boutique

Kelly and her team at the Taproom exceeded our expectations. From the start, she was very professional and gave good honest counsel. She was able to help us realize our vision and create a beautiful site that allows us to be competitive with the the major players in our industry.

Joshua Lovern, GMProgressive Nutracare