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Hey Google, Install Shopify Payments

July 23, 2020

In April, we announced a partnership with Google to make it easy for merchants to list their products for free on the Google Shopping tab through Shopify’s Google channel. Today, we're further extending our Google partnership by announcing that Shopify Payments will be available to U.S. merchants through Buy on Google, the search engine's native checkout option. This marks the first time Shopify Payments will be made available outside of Shopify, making it easier for merchants to enable purchases on many different channels, wherever buyers are.

Shopify merchants participating in Buy on Google will have their buyers’ payment transactions processed through Shopify Payments when they take place on Google properties. Additionally, new merchants without an existing Shopify account will have the option to sign up to Shopify and use Shopify Payments as their payment service provider. 

With the integration, all merchants that enable Shopify Payments on Buy on Google will benefit from the speed, transparency, and reliability of Shopify Payments, as well as the ability to view, manage, and track orders and payments all in one place.

“Now more than ever, merchants are looking for new ways to sell to their customers. By opening access to Shopify Payments outside of Shopify for the first time, we’re giving merchants the tools they need to drive sales and effectively run their business – all from within Shopify,” said Kaz Nejatian, VP, GM, Shopify Financial Solutions. “Bringing together the best in search with Google, the best in commerce with Shopify, and the fast and reliable capabilities of Shopify Payments is a win-win for merchants.” 

Today’s announcement of Shopify Payments and Buy on Google will add to existing features available via Shopify’s Google Channel, all of which make it easier for merchants to run their business. These include: 

  • NEW: Shopify Payments - Shopify is for the first time opening access to Shopify Payments to merchants on a different platform, like Google’s. This means existing Shopify merchants will have the option to choose Shopify Payments as their preferred payment processing solution for Buy on Google. Shopify Payments comes out of the box with free and powerful fraud analysis tools to protect merchants against stolen credit cards and bad actors. It also enables selling in multiple currencies while giving merchants the ability to track orders and payments all in one place. By enabling Shopify Payments, merchants may also benefit from accessing the Shopify Capital program to further grow their business. 
  • NEW: Buy on Google + Small Business Filter - Merchants will soon be able to set up Buy on Google from Shopify’s Google channel. The channel automatically syncs products with Google’s platform, and with Buy on Google, now makes it easy to manage product details, orders, inventory, and fulfillment right from within Shopify. Google will also no longer charge a commission fee to merchants when their customers buy products directly on Google. And with the recent increase in demand to buy from and support small businesses, Google plans to add a new small business filter on the Google Shopping tab. This will help shoppers discover smaller merchants and supports Shopify’s goal of adding more voices to commerce, not fewer. 
  • Free listings on Google Shopping - In April, Shopify and Google partnered to make it easy for merchants to sync and submit their products for free listings on the Shopping tab through Shopify’s Google Channel. This allows merchants with approved products to reach the hundreds of millions of people that come to Google for their shopping needs. 
  • Smart Shopping Campaigns - Smart Shopping Campaigns let merchants promote their products across YouTube, Gmail, Google Search, and the Google Display Network. Shopify’s Google channel makes it easy to set up Smart Shopping Campaigns – just sync products using the Google channel, set a daily budget, and Google’s algorithm will optimize campaigns so they’re shown to shoppers most likely to purchase across Google’s surfaces.

The Shopify Payments integration will first be available to U.S merchants later this year with additional markets to follow. 

To learn more, read Google’s blog post here, and sign up to join the waitlist. For new merchants interested in Buy on Google, sign up for Shopify and Shopify Payments to sell on Buy on Google once it’s available. 

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