Moving Primates

Munich, , Germany Business Est. 2002

Moving Primates has specialized. To the requirements of fast-growing Shopify Plus startups, medium-sized & enterprise companies, which are looking for a Shopify Plus agency in an international competition that offers outstanding UI/UX design with excellent interface and App development and their international serverless scaling combined. We deliver Headless & Custom E-Commerce, advice on process definition, development of technical concepts & workflows and development of interfaces and Apps.

Other locations

  • St. Johann in Tirol, Austria


Moving primates set up our shop and we are working with them on new ideas. Our experience with them couldn't be better. Everything they do is thought through and always far exceeds our expectations. They solve technical issues with great care and pay close attention to design and usability.

Bella Wolf, Head of MerchandiseIn a nutshell - Kurzgesagt

Our collaboration with Moving Primates represents a long lasting, reliable and productive partnership! Upon presenting our needs and ideas they always presents us with several solutions. The solution is quickly implemented and they make sure that everything works rock-solid and super smooth.

Christian Häsler, Marketing Project ManagerFreeletics

Moving Primates has supported us on our Shopify Plus journey for over 2 years, helping us grow from a small shop, to a fast-growing international company with global ambitions. Their unconditional support and commitment have been a great help in air up’s mission to redefine the beverage industry.

Stefano Girolimetto, Head of Digital ProductAir Up