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Who are we?

What we do
We have over 5 years experience on Shopify, both from the merchant and developer standpoints. We have helped startups and Fortune 500 companies (and everything in between) achieve their goals on the platform.

Today, we specialise in Shopify Plus, helping medium to large stores operate optimally and taking advantage of Plus features. A few of the things we can help you with are:

- Custom Theme full design and builds with slick customer experiences.
- Custom apps to help with specific operational issues your store is facing.
- UX and UI design to improve the buying experience and get customers from browsing to purchasing effortlessly.
- Custom line-item and shipping scripts to add complex discounting or shipping rules, like Buy One Get One.
- Checkout customizations to fine-tune the checkout flow for your business.

Also, if you already have a dev team, but want to understand best practices for working with Shopify, we can help train and improve their workflows on the platform.

Outside of our service work, we are constantly looking to develop apps and tools that help merchants and developers with the platform. You can check out pixelcabin.io for more info on these.

How we do it
We are a remote, agile team based around the globe. We take on a limited number of projects at any one time to ensure we are 100% focused on the tasks at hand. We always deliver on time and within the agreed estimates provided before work begins.

As far as possible, we integrate with your team to make it feel less like we’re contractors and more like your in-house dev team. Take a look at our testimonials and we think you’ll see that our past clients agree! We use tools like Slack and Pivotal Tracker with our clients to make project management painless for both sides.

Who and where are we?
Originally founded by Michael and Gregor between New York and London, we’re a tight team that does not outsource - you will work with us from start to finish. We are based in the UK, US and Hong Kong and have travelled to meet with many of our clients. Do not hesitate to contact us about your next project!

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