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Who are we?

As a partner since 2012, ShopPad has worked with thousands of Shopify stores to grow their eCommerce channels. With over 60,000 Shopify stores relying on ShopPad apps to power their storefronts, ShopPad is the most popular developer on the platform. Our team of experts know Shopify inside-and-out and have the experience to build any custom solution you dream of. All staff are based out of our downtown Oakland, California headquarters, in the heart of silicon valley, and just across the bridge from San Francisco.

Specialties include:

* Design & development of custom Shopify themes
* 3rd-party integrations & middleware (ERP, 3PL, OMS, WMS, etc)
* Product builders & customizers
* Customer age verification
* Large & high-volume merchants via Shopify Plus
* Theme customization & refreshes
* Setup of new Shopify storefronts
* Bundle product solutions
* Development of custom Shopify apps and features

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