Retail customer experiences

Create the best retail experiences at scale? Maybe, but let’s face it, flexible shopping experiences aren’t just complex, they're notoriously difficult to pull off. Especially when you’ve got to balance multiple stores, staff, product catalogs, changing tech stacks, marketing strategies—the only thing harder is being the person in charge of it all. Thankfully, when you switch to Shopify POS, you can simplify retail operations and give teams the power to deliver the best shopping experiences without complexity


Flexible shopping options without workarounds

Close the sale from any location

Use endless aisle and ship to customer to turn stores into mini fulfillment centers. Staff get full visibility into inventory across stores, so they can find where out-of-stock items are available and still close the sale, while another location ships the order.

Reduce shipping costs

Order routing logic uses customer addresses to locate the closest store with stock and calculates shipping costs.

A Shopify POS screen displays an item's inventory status as it's updated to reflect a sale.A screen on Shopify POS highlights a customer's address and available shipping options and costs.

Automate order updates

Integrated order fulfillment keeps inventory up to date as orders are fulfilled, and triggers emails to customers for order updates.

An automatic email notification pops up on a customer's device letting them know the status of their order. It reads 'great news, amelia! your order is ready to be shipped.'

Let customers shop how they want

Guarantee shopping is convenient for every customer. Unifying operations ensures in-store product availability is always accurate online, so shoppers can purchase items and pick up orders at their preferred retail location.

Real-time alerts

Once an order is placed online, push notifications instantly appear on POS, letting staff know to pick and pack the order.

A notification pops up on the Shopify POS screen letting staff know there's a new order with 8 items to pick and pack.

Real-time updates

When items are sold, restocked, or returned in any location, inventory status is automatically updated everywhere.

The purchased item is displayed on POS as its inventory status is automatically updated in real time.


Tailored customer experiences without inaccuracy

A screen on Shopify POS displays a customer's name, total orders, contact info, and customer tags including VIP, local, loyalty member, and big spender.
A screen on Shopify POS displays a customer's name, total orders, contact info, and customer tags including VIP, local, loyalty member, and big spender.
A screen on Shopify POS displays a customer's name, total orders, contact info, and customer tags including VIP, local, loyalty member, and big spender.

Know customers better

Equip teams with the details they need to serve each shopper best. Unified customer profiles puts names, contact info, preferences, and lifetime value right at their fingertips.

Elevate customer service

Make handling returns and order issues a breeze. Staff can review order history on POS and pull up order info and receipts from any channel a purchase was made.

Build trust at checkout

Offer discretion with every sale. A dedicated workflow on POS lets customers securely enter emails and PINs, choose receipts, and opt into marketing without hassle.


High-quality, first-party data without friction

Process transactions with Shopify Payments and know more customers with a tap. Stores can take payments instantly and securely from popular credit cards and digital wallets, and connect seamlessly with over 100M users on the Shop Pay network.

Send digital receipts

Make it easy for customers to look up past in-store purchases. Shop Pay users can choose to have digital receipts sent directly to the Shop app and manage all their purchases in one place.

Gain actionable insights

Turn every retail location into a powerful acquisition channel. Get unprecedented first-party data to help marketing teams design relevant communications.

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