mPOP Receipt Printer and Cash Drawer Bundle

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Simplify Your Sales with the Star mPOP

The Star mPOP™ is a combined receipt printer and cash drawer that offers a simple and elegant solution for businesses of all sizes. With its compact size and intuitive design features, the mPOP™ is an excellent alternative to traditional cash registers or EPOS systems.


  • Is the Star mPOP™ compatible with Shopify POS?

    Yes, the Star mPOP™ is compatible with Shopify POS.To use the Star mPOP™ with your Shopify store, you need the all-new Shopify POS and a compatible iPad running iOS 13 or higher, or an iPhone running iPadOS 13 or higher.

    Additionally, it's important to note that the Star mPOP™ receipt printer only supports bluetooth connection on Shopify and does not work with USB connection.

  • How do I set up the Star mPOP™ with Shopify POS?

    To set up the Star mPOP™, follow these steps:

    • Plug the printer into a power supply and turn it on. If you have the USB barcode scanner, make sure it's plugged into the mPOP.
    • On your iPad or iPhone, go to the main settings and tap Bluetooth.
    • Under OTHER DEVICES, tap the mPOP to pair it with your device. The mPOP will appear under MY DEVICES on the Bluetooth settings screen when it's paired and connected.
    • In Shopify POS, tap ≡ > Settings.
    • Tap Manage connected hardware and ensure that the mPOP receipt printer appears. If you have the barcode scanner, it will appear separately on the same screen.
    • Optional: After the mPOP appears on the Hardware settings screen of the Shopify POS app, you can set it as the default printer.
    • Once the mPOP and your device are paired, the cash drawer, receipt printer, and barcode scanner will work with Shopify POS.