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DYMO label printers for POS system

DYMO label printers are designed to provide a seamless and efficient printing experience, specifically tailored for compatibility with Shopify POS.

Shopify POS supported DYMO label makers and printers

  • DYMO LabelWriter 5XL Bundle Pack (USB) - Model no. 2112554
  • DYMO LabelWriter Wireless Label Printer - Model no. 2002150
  • DYMO LabelWriter 550 Label Printer - Model no. 2112552

DYMO label printers include 24/7 support, free shipping, free 30-day returns, and a 2-year limited manufacturer warranty.

DYMO Label Printer FAQ

  • How to print a label using Dymo Label Printing in the Stocky app?

    To print a barcode using Dymo Label Printing in the Stocky app, follow these steps:

    1. Open the Stocky app and click on a confirmed purchase order.
    2. Click the arrow for a dropdown menu.
    3. Select "Print Dymo label."
    4. If you're printing a label for the first time, you need to upload your Dymo label template. You can create a template using the Dymo Label Printing software.
  • How to name a text field in Dymo Label Printing for a unique label name?

    To name a text field in the Dymo Label Printing software and ensure that each field has a unique name on the label, follow these steps:

    1. Open the Dymo Label Printing software on your computer.
    2. Right-click on the text field that you want to name and select "Properties."
    3. Select the "Advanced" tab.
    4. In the "Reference name" section, choose and enter a name from the approved list of text field names.
    5. Click "OK" to save the information.
    6. Save the label to your computer.
    7. Upload the label to Stocky by clicking "Preferences," and then "Dymo."
  • Do DYMO label printers require ink or toner?

    DYMO label printers use direct thermal printing technology, which eliminates the need for ink or toner. This results in a cost-effective and low-maintenance solution that provides consistent, high-quality printing without the hassle of replacing cartridges.