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A Picture Reads "Live Laugh Love" Joined By Random Objects | View photo

Andréa Felsky Schmitt has contributed 12 photos since December 2019

a picture reads "live laugh love" joined by random objects

A Picture Reads "Live Laugh Love" Joined By Random Objects

gold wire-frame stars, christmas decorations, and a clock.

Gold Wire-Frame Stars, Christmas Decorations, And A Clock.

pastry store showcase

Pastry Store Showcase

grocery shelves with food

Grocery Shelves With Food

jewellery, champagne flutes, a clock and the numbers 2020

Jewellery, Champagne Flutes, A Clock And The Numbers 2020

red women's shoes and christmas decorations on the floor

Red Women's Shoes And Christmas Decorations On The Floor

sandwich on plate and cup of coffee

Sandwich On Plate And Cup Of Coffee

a bowl of muesli in a pink bowl on a saucer with spoon

A Bowl Of Muesli In A Pink Bowl On A Saucer With Spoon

a young woman sits cross-legged on a bed eating macaroons

A Young Woman Sits Cross-Legged On A Bed Eating Macaroons

light bulbs in the grocery store

Light Bulbs In The Grocery Store

pastries on the wooden boards

Pastries On the Wooden Boards

a croissant laced with chocolate on a white paper plate

A Croissant Laced With Chocolate On A White Paper Plate