Chris Kaempfe

Green Grass By A Lake And Castle | View photo

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fireworks reflected in a pond surrounded by trees

Fireworks Reflected In A Pond Surrounded By Trees

green grass by a lake and castle

Green Grass By A Lake And Castle

sports field with bleachers

Sports Field With Bleachers

a beach chair on snow covered mountain

A Beach Chair On Snow Covered Mountain

wooden target with marking from previous use

Wooden Target With Marking From Previous Use

the back of a beach chair looking out to snow covered mountains

The Back Of A Beach Chair Looking Out To Snow Covered Mountains

stone alleyway illuminated at night time

Stone Alleyway Illuminated At Night Time

sunset over a hub of winding train tracks

Sunset Over A Hub Of Winding Train Tracks

people in orange jumpsuits on tall scaffolding

People In Orange Jumpsuits On Tall Scaffolding

vibrant green frog sits alone on a lily pad

Vibrant Green Frog Sits Alone On A Lily Pad

town on the water on a clear night

Town On The Water On A Clear Night

black and white photo of train tracks

Black And White Photo Of Train Tracks

vibrant green frog on a lily pad alone

Vibrant Green Frog On A Lily Pad Alone

two lines of parked bicycles

Two Lines Of Parked Bicycles

a green frog surrounded by lily pads

A Green Frog Surrounded By Lily Pads

two ladybugs on a tree branch

Two Ladybugs On A Tree Branch

bikes lined up with large building in the background

Bikes Lined Up With Large Building In The Background

wheels and a pedal of a red and silver bicycle

Wheels And A Pedal Of A Red And Silver Bicycle

close up of barbed wire against green and white

Close Up Of Barbed Wire Against Green And White