Luca Ornaghi

It's quite difficult to explain my experience with photography. I started about 6 years ago with little funds and poor instruments. With time I started to search for something more challenging. So I started using film and developing my photo. I bring my 1939's Leica literally everywhere.

Sunlight Streams Through The Trees | View photo

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open timepiece exposing cogs and gear wheels

Open Timepiece Exposing Cogs And Gear Wheels

sky through a wrought iron dome

Sky Through A Wrought Iron Dome

vinyl record on a record player

Vinyl Record On A Record Player

sunlight streams through the trees

Sunlight Streams Through The Trees

dark branches against a grey sky

Dark Branches Against A Grey Sky

mountain path to the summit lined with trees

Mountain Path To The Summit Lined With Trees

hand touches the center of a crystal light

Hand Touches The Center Of A Crystal Light