Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

white nose and whiskers of a koi fish peer out of black pond

White Nose And Whiskers Of A Koi Fish Peer Out Of Black Pond

white crane head closeup

White Crane Head Closeup

portuguese street and tiled building

Portuguese Street And Tiled Building

white crane in water walking forward

White Crane In Water Walking Forward

man in dark denim and fashion sneakers sitting on stairwell

Man In Dark Denim And Fashion Sneakers Sitting On Stairwell

young woman provides a helping hand to butterfly

Young Woman Provides A Helping Hand To Butterfly

black and white chicken

Black And White Chicken

morgue attendant closing a freezer

Morgue Attendant Closing A Freezer

three surgeons in scrubs

Three Surgeons In Scrubs

the sun on an art deco facade

The Sun On An Art Deco Facade

hands knob synth

Hands Knob Synth

blowtorch shaping ring

Blowtorch Shaping Ring

looking up full cherry blossom tree

Looking Up Full Cherry Blossom Tree

swamplands in summer

Swamplands In Summer

icicles wall

Icicles Wall

celebration typewriter

Celebration Typewriter

urban window levels

Urban Window Levels

sky wheel

Sky Wheel

boots on a couch

Boots On A Couch

hen strikes a pose

Hen Strikes A Pose

ballet toe shoes on barre

Ballet Toe Shoes On Barre

fresh mixed herbs

Fresh Mixed Herbs

yellow bee on yellow flower

Yellow Bee On Yellow Flower

back alley grafitti on garage doors

Back Alley Grafitti On Garage Doors

view of pumpkins from above

View Of Pumpkins From Above

green squash vegetable pile

Green Squash Vegetable Pile

close up of candles lit on chocolate cake

Close Up Of Candles Lit On Chocolate Cake

santa begins his journey

Santa Begins His Journey

vertical towns in italy

Vertical Towns In Italy

packing to ship

Packing To Ship

two rows of school busses

Two Rows Of School Busses

white speckled sneakers and dark denim beside brick wall

White Speckled Sneakers And Dark Denim Beside Brick Wall

field full of pumpkins

Field Full Of Pumpkins

a couple enjoying a brisk walk through the woods

A Couple Enjoying A Brisk Walk Through The Woods

two apartment buildings

Two Apartment Buildings

dry queen annes lace stem

Dry Queen Annes Lace Stem

winter snow covered pine cone

Winter Snow Covered Pine Cone

happy komodo dragon

Happy Komodo Dragon

close up of barber giving a fade

Close Up Of Barber Giving A Fade

finger on a large aged book

Finger On A Large Aged Book

trainers and traffic

Trainers And Traffic

dapper man in patterned dress shirt

Dapper Man In Patterned Dress Shirt

a man sits on his hospital bed and stares at the ground

A Man Sits On His Hospital Bed And Stares At The Ground

santa taking time

Santa Taking Time

close up of christmas decorations

Close Up Of Christmas Decorations

two camel bums

Two Camel Bums

seeds on a strawberry

Seeds On A Strawberry

bride holding flowers in sculpture garden

Bride Holding Flowers In Sculpture Garden

bright fresh rasberry

Bright Fresh Rasberry

modern dancer stratches

Modern Dancer Stratches