Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

standing at the base of a pristine forest waterfall

Standing At The Base Of A Pristine Forest WaterFall

young trees encroaching on old, dead trees

Young Trees Encroaching On Old, Dead Trees

desert plant life

Desert Plant Life

overhead view of waterfall in autumnal forest

Overhead View Of Waterfall In Autumnal Forest

wooden wall-mounted shelves

Wooden Wall-Mounted Shelves

small pinecones on branches in snow

Small Pinecones On Branches In Snow

cherry blossom with sunlight in the background

Cherry Blossom With Sunlight In The Background

white lily of the valley flower in shadows

White Lily Of The Valley Flower In Shadows

dry rough rock face texture

Dry Rough Rock Face Texture

flowering tree near building

Flowering Tree Near Building

bride bouquet and sculpture wall

Bride Bouquet And Sculpture Wall

man picks up his order from a local shop

Man Picks Up His Order From A Local Shop

tree branches with snow

Tree Branches With Snow

icy winter water under bridge

Icy Winter Water Under Bridge

barber at work while wearing face mask

Barber At Work While Wearing Face Mask

cascade of hydrangea blossoms

Cascade Of Hydrangea Blossoms

small balconies on an old building

Small Balconies On An Old Building

winter sky and pine tree

Winter Sky And Pine Tree

laid down brussels griffon

Laid Down Brussels Griffon

aging dress form

Aging Dress Form

colorful magnolia pedals emerge

Colorful Magnolia Pedals Emerge

dancers do ballet warm up

Dancers Do Ballet Warm Up

one surgeon passes another a scalpel

One Surgeon Passes Another A Scalpel

sun baked cliffs tower over sandy beach

Sun Baked Cliffs Tower Over Sandy Beach

purple and blue

Purple And Blue

railway tracks run through autumn landscape

Railway Tracks Run Through Autumn Landscape

unique condo tower

Unique Condo Tower

landscape dry rough rock face texture

Landscape Dry Rough Rock Face Texture

sitting for a moment to tie the laces of fashion sneakers

Sitting For A Moment To Tie The Laces Of Fashion Sneakers

the turbine watchman

The Turbine Watchman

led sneakers

LED Sneakers

expressive saki monkey face

Expressive Saki Monkey Face

man getting his beard trimmed by barber

Man Getting His Beard Trimmed By Barber

plate of pastel macarons with negative space

Plate Of Pastel Macarons With Negative Space

young smiles while cradling a hot cup of coffee

Young Smiles While Cradling A Hot Cup Of Coffee

down flights of stairs

Down Flights Of Stairs

striped butterfly resting on a purple flower

Striped Butterfly Resting On A Purple Flower

the future is now on a typewriter machine

The Future Is Now On A Typewriter Machine

water skiing adventure

Water Skiing Adventure

a model holds knee to chest on chair pensively

A Model Holds Knee To Chest On Chair Pensively

oblique view of waterfall

Oblique View Of Waterfall

teal sky peeking through moss covered branches

Teal Sky Peeking Through Moss Covered Branches

sunlight shines through large mossy tree in lush backyard

Sunlight Shines Through Large Mossy Tree In Lush Backyard

red brick building with vines

Red Brick Building With Vines

bee on yellow flower vertical

Bee On Yellow Flower Vertical

line of grape hyacinths

Line Of Grape Hyacinths

man wearing mask close up

Man Wearing Mask Close Up

forest road in winter

Forest Road In Winter

elevador de santa justa in lisbon portugal

Elevador De Santa Justa In Lisbon Portugal

repeating pencils

Repeating Pencils