Dave Salter

Photography allows me to show the world how I would like to see it.

location British Columbia, Canada

Pink Rose Flower Ball | View photo

Dave Salter has contributed 99 photos since February 2019

a minimal yet cosy workspace

A Minimal Yet Cosy Workspace

delicate pink and white cherry blossoms against blue sky

Delicate Pink And White Cherry Blossoms Against Blue Sky

#1 dad coffee mug

#1 Dad Coffee Mug

a child takes in nature

A Child Takes In Nature

a flatlay view of a minimalist workspace

A Flatlay View Of A Minimalist Workspace

golden sunbeams flood winding dirt path in coastal forest

Golden Sunbeams Flood Winding Dirt Path In Coastal Forest

gaming controller against a black background

Gaming Controller Against A Black Background

close-up view of tungsten coils glowing in an edison bulb

Close-up View Of Tungsten Coils Glowing In An Edison Bulb

baby pink cherry blossoms and buds lit by spring sunshine

Baby Pink Cherry Blossoms And Buds Lit By Spring Sunshine

pink rose flower ball

Pink Rose Flower Ball

a hand grabbing a gaming controller against a black background

A Hand Grabbing A Gaming Controller Against A Black Background

awaken with coffee

Awaken With Coffee

dinner for one of wood fired pizza paired with cold beer

Dinner For One Of Wood Fired Pizza Paired With Cold Beer

a child exploring nature

A Child Exploring Nature

pumpkin patch girl

Pumpkin Patch Girl

carved stone buddhas adorn ornate wooden doorway

Carved Stone Buddhas Adorn Ornate Wooden Doorway

a small childs walks through the wilderness

A Small Childs Walks Through The Wilderness

"cat mom" coffee mug

"Cat Mom" Coffee Mug

green cedar boughs highlighted by sunlight

Green Cedar Boughs In Sunlight

a wise dog outside their kennel

A Wise Dog Outside Their Kennel

monochromatic cherry blossoms in march sunshine

Monochromatic Cherry Blossoms In March Sunshine

seawater crashes on log

Seawater Crashes On Log

single white tulip

Single White Tulip

fearless child in corn field

Fearless Child In Corn Field

an abundance of food choices

An Abundance Of Food Choices

a black and white sheep skull in the dust

A Black and White Sheep Skull In The Dust

man and child walk through corn field

Man And Child Walk Through Corn Field

waterfall flowing like silk over rocks

Waterfall Flowing Like Silk Over Rocks

penticton wineries overlook okanagan lake from cliffside

Penticton Wineries Overlook Okanagan Lake From Cliffside

vancouver island beach view

Vancouver Island Beach View

water rolls to shore on a cloudy day

Water Rolls To Shore On A Cloudy Day

a child runs through the a grassy clearing

A Child Runs Through The A Grassy Clearing

black water in seaside pools

Black Water In Seaside Pools

child walks surrounded by machinery

Child Walks Surrounded By Machinery

mysterious keyhole light

Mysterious Keyhole Light

a car viewed through a rain-speckled window.

A Car Viewed Through A Rain-Speckled Window.

"best mom" coffee mug

"Best Mom" Coffee Mug

child examins pumpkin

Child Examins Pumpkin

building blocks fall down

Building Blocks Fall Down

small pink flowers on a tree branch

Small Pink Flowers On A Tree Branch

eggs up

Eggs Up

bright yellow daffodils surrounded by lush green plants

Bright Yellow Daffodils Surrounded By Lush Green Plants

building blocks in a playroom

Building Blocks In A Playroom

lush ferns and mossy branches drape over rocky waterfall

Lush Ferns And Mossy Branches Drape Over Rocky Waterfall

a mossy leafy autumnal path

A Mossy Leafy Autumnal Path

spider weaving

Spider Weaving

building blocks in motion

Building Blocks In Motion

lilac flowers against white background

Lilac Flowers Against White Background

lovely christmas decoration

LOVEly Christmas Decoration

throwing breadcrumbs to hungry seagulls circling above

Throwing Breadcrumbs To Hungry Seagulls Circling Above