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Fresh Unwrapped Butter In A Sunny Kitchen | View photo

Sheila Pedraza Burk has contributed 69 photos since May 2018

colorful bunch of fresh organic eggs in burlap

Colorful Bunch Of Fresh Organic Eggs In Burlap

cherry tomatoes plated with kitchen scissors

Cherry Tomatoes Plated With Kitchen Scissors

homemade granola and muesli bars

Homemade Granola And Muesli Bars

fresh unwrapped butter in a sunny kitchen

Fresh Unwrapped Butter In A Sunny Kitchen

grapes on stem with moisture

Grapes On Stem With Moisture

coffee cake plated with flowers

Coffee Cake Plated With Flowers

pasta ingredients kitchen prep

Pasta Ingredients Kitchen Prep

overhead shot of fresh apricots being halved and pitted

Overhead Shot Of Fresh Apricots Being Halved And Pitted

one pot pasta prepped noodles and veggies

One Pot Pasta Prepped Noodles And Veggies

fresh garden salad

Fresh Garden Salad

fresh green and purple fancy lettuce

Fresh Green And Purple Fancy Lettuce

vegan pasta with veggie ground round and fresh veg

Vegan Pasta With Veggie Ground Round And Fresh Veg

fresh salad ingredients on cutting board

Fresh Salad Ingredients On Cutting Board

fresh lettuce greens in bowl

Fresh Lettuce Greens In Bowl

fresh cut apples with yogurt and oats

Fresh Cut Apples With Yogurt And Oats

freshly baked lemon cake with powdered sugar

Freshly Baked Lemon Cake With Powdered Sugar

various types of uncooked pasta on black counter

Various Types Of Uncooked Pasta On Black Counter

top view of raspberries chocolate and mint in white dish

Top View Of Raspberries Chocolate And Mint In White Dish

fried chick snack bites

Fried Chick Snack Bites

fresh salad ingredients in kitchen

Fresh Salad Ingredients In Kitchen

hot chocolate dark cocoa

Hot Chocolate Dark Cocoa

homemade healthy snacks

Homemade Healthy Snacks

wine and cheese on slate board

Wine And Cheese On Slate Board

ground beef burger patties raw

Ground Beef Burger Patties Raw

cooked shrimp dressed with lemon juice in china bowls

Cooked Shrimp Dressed With Lemon Juice In China Bowls

fresh and crisp biscotti

Fresh And Crisp Biscotti

apples in fruit basket close up

Apples In Fruit Basket Close Up

thyme and rosemary infused oil

Thyme And Rosemary Infused Oil

fresh thyme and kitchen scissors

Fresh Thyme And Kitchen Scissors

bowl of red apples

Bowl Of Red Apples

salad prep with tomatoes garlic and leaf lettuce

Salad Prep With Tomatoes Garlic And Leaf Lettuce

fresh eggs being separated into white bowl with whisk

Fresh Eggs Being Separated Into White Bowl With Whisk

fresh tomatoes with drops of water

Fresh Tomatoes With Drops Of Water

prepping and seasoning raw pork chops with slate and cleaver

Prepping And Seasoning Raw Pork Chops With Slate And Cleaver

bunch of colorful silicone kitchen tools

Bunch Of Colorful Silicone Kitchen Tools

pasta cooking kitchen prep

Pasta Cooking Kitchen Prep

dark chocolate with sea salt

Dark Chocolate With Sea Salt

ground meat to be seasoned with salt pepper and thyme

Ground Meat To Be Seasoned With Salt Pepper And Thyme

colorful pear fruit

Colorful Pear Fruit

fresh strawberries being cut

Fresh Strawberries Being Cut

tea with milk and cookies

Tea With Milk And Cookies

fresh grilled hamburger on bun

Fresh Grilled Hamburger On Bun

baking powder in kitchen

Baking Powder In Kitchen

puff pastry plated

Puff Pastry Plated

flax seeds spilling from bowl

Flax Seeds Spilling From Bowl

kosher salt with thyme

Kosher Salt With Thyme

close up of hot chocolate with a sprinkle of cocoa and brownies

Close Up Of Hot Chocolate With A Sprinkle Of Cocoa And Brownies

pastries powdered with confectioners sugar

Pastries Powdered With Confectioners Sugar

plated and sliced apple pie

Plated And Sliced Apple Pie

spoon scoops flax seeds

Spoon Scoops Flax Seeds