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A card is tapped using the WisePad 3. Over the image, a screen displays payment approved and a total.

Manage your money better with Shopify Payments

Three images are displayed. One features a card being tapped on the WisePad 3. Another is the WisePad 3, along with icons of the accepted payment types above it.

Accept every payment

Process popular payments from credit and debit cards, as well as contactless digital wallets for faster checkout experiences.

Streamline your tasks

Simplify your day with a fully synced setup for quick payments, seamless returns and exchanges, and integrated gift cards.

Manage in one place

Monitor in-store and online sales data, reports, and trends from a single back office and make better decisions for your entire business.

Payment processing

Always integrated, never complicated

A screen showcases analytics of a business with total sales listed over 7 days with a graph highlighting weekly growth.A screen showcases payouts of a business over a week, listing status of each, charges, fees, and totals.A screen showcases reports of a business, including custom reports created by the store owner.

Pos payment rates

No hidden fees, no setup fees, no kidding

Get Shopify Payments right out of the box with transparent rates that you can bank on.

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£1 for your first month


Most Popular

For solo entrepreneurs

Monthly subscription price £25 GBP

Card rates starting at

  • 2% + 25p GBP online
  • 1.7% + 0p GBP in person
  • 2% 3rd-party payment providers
£1 for your first month


For small teams

Monthly subscription price £65 GBP

Card rates starting at

  • 1.7% + 25p GBP online
  • 1.6% + 0p GBP in person
  • 1% 3rd-party payment providers
£1 for your first month


As your business scales

Monthly subscription price £344 GBP

Card rates starting at

  • 1.5% + 25p GBP online
  • 1.5% + 0p GBP in person
  • 0.6% 3rd-party payment providers

Pos hardware

Powerful hardware powered by Shopify Payments

Countertop Kit


The complete, wired solution with POS Terminal, perfect for selling at the sales counter. iPad not included.

POS Terminal


A countertop payment device that connects over Wi-Fi and Ethernet, with a customer-facing display.



The mobile POS device, designed for selling away from the counter: on the floor and at events.

WisePad 3 Card Reader


The mobile card reader, for taking tap and chip payments at your counter or on the go.

POS Features

It’s all business with Shopify POS

Run your retail business right with a suite of features that will help you take your store to the next level.

Omnichannel selling

Use one back office to sell in person, online, on social media, and marketplaces.
Learn about omnichannel selling

Staff management

Control staff permissions and approvals, track performance, and create unique IDs.
Learn about staff management

Plug-and-play hardware

Build a complete POS system that lets you sell behind the counter, on the floor, or at events.
Learn about hardware

Inventory management

Review inventory levels and manage stock in all your locations from one back office.

Customer management

Create customer profiles to track purchases and deliver personalized shopping experiences.

Reporting and analytics

Understand your business, from what items are bestsellers to when you’re busiest.

Shopify does POS. Best.

No one else offers a fully integrated POS backed by the world’s most powerful commerce platform.
A POS tablet is displayed on a countertop with a Shopify POS screen.

You’ve got this. We’ve got you.

Get support managing payments and payouts with dedicated point of sale specialists.

24/7 support through email, phone, and chat
Free guides through The Shopify Help Center
Migration support through apps and partners

Resources for retailers

Learn how business owners like you manage payments and checkout experiences with Shopify POS.

A Shopify POS Terminal placed on top of a counter.

Benefits of customer-facing displays

Find out how customer-facing displays can help retailers improve the total checkout experience.

Learn about customer-facing displays
A graphic showcases the Shop Pay logo and title of best converting.

Meet the best-converting checkout

Shop Pay offers faster checkout speeds, better conversions, and the most seamless shopping experience possible.

Learn about Shop Pay
A sales associate helps with the sale of a tea pot for a customer using a POS tablet and card reader.

The death of the checkout line

When it comes to finding new ways to make checkouts as painless as possible, innovative retailers are leading the way.

Learn how checkout is changing

Frequently asked questions

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