Shopify Automations

Connect with customers automatically

Create and customize marketing automations that are always on, so you can engage customers at every stage of their journey and set your business growth in motion.

A workflow automation named 'Welcome new subscribers' features a trigger on the left for when a customer has subscribed to email marketing, connected to the action on the right by an arrow, which is to send a marketing email. A sample email for the Soap Club company is in the background.

Build hardworking automations

Custom automations

Build custom automations with a simple trigger-condition-action interface to match the exact needs of your business.

Templates for a customer’s journey

From welcome and winback automations to the first-purchase upsell, get ready-to-use templates built for commerce.

Fast and reliable

Powered by Shopify’s infrastructure, your messages will reach your customers with no delays—unless you planned them.

Reach out at the right moment

Start and run automations to connect with customers at critical moments in their journey—from subscribing to your newsletter to placing their first order and every milestone in between.

A workflow automation named 'customer winback template' that has a trigger to start when an order is fulled, a condition to check if the entire order has been fulfilled, another condition to wait for 60 days, another condition to check if a customer did not make a new order since the wait step, and an action to send marketing email.

Choose conditions

Decide how automations should run based on conditions that increase the chances of your message reaching the right customer at the right time. Send a message before an order is placed, a delivery is made, or on a special occasion.

Set timing and cool-down periods

Determine when messages should reach customers, even based on a previous action like a purchase. Include wait steps in your workflows to space out messages and create the right email cadence.

Marketing made efficient

Get started in minutes

Choose from email automation templates, personalize the content, and start sending. Emails already include your logo and branding.

Track, test, and grow

Understand how email automations are performing with actionable reports like email engagement, sales, and more.

Do more in less time

Turn on your automations then let them run. No need to manually make email campaigns over and over again.

A performance dahboard for the 'customer winback template' that lists customers reached, conversion rate, and recovered sales. One large circle and two small circles with a purple gradient are in the background, while three small circles with a black man, white woman, and an asian man are in the foreground on the right.

Resources to start using automation


Read the latest automation tips and tricks.

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Online course

Watch an automation tutorial to get started.


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