What NOVO Watch Learned After Years of Overseas Manufacturing

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Stories of success inspire entrepreneurs to reach new heights every day. But some of the best value comes when successful entrepreneurs share tales of their mistakes and the lessons that come of them. 

In this episode of the Shopify Masters podcast, we’ll be chatting with Steve Christensen, founder of NOVO Watch, a company that sells fashion forward wrist wear that won’t break your bank.  

You’ll learn from an entrepreneur who has outsourced to China for many years about the lessons he’s learned and the improvements he’s made to decrease his lead time from 9 months down to 3 months.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to use a pre-sale to find out if you should add a new product line.
  • What the supply chain is like for a store that manufactures overseas.
  • Why simplifying your store will increase your sales (and what this specific store removed to do just that).

Listen to Shopify Masters below… 

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