Introducing Shopify Plus Industry Reports: Insight & Imagination for Tomorrow & Beyond

Introducing Shopify Plus Industry Reports: Insight & Imagination for Tomorrow & Beyond

What if you could see the future? 

Tomorrow’s technologies are on the verge of colliding.

Significant shifts in consumer preference, behavior, and geographic centers of affluence will influence how those technologies are used for commerce.

What will your vertical look like when artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and next generation wearables created with 3D scanning technology collide to create a one-touch on demand purchasing environment unlike any in operation today?

Your fate in the second half of the decade and beyond will likely be determined by the decisions you make today.

Are you focused on the future?

Or are you too busy running your store, building a brand, or worst of all wasting time and money on a complicated ecommerce software that isn’t reliable, easy to use, or able to scale on demand?

If you fit any of these bills, we have something special for you.

Introducing Shopify Plus Industry Reports

You no longer have to wonder about the future.

We’ve imagined it for you.

Introducing our new vertical specific Industry Reports that offer merchants a behind the scenes look at the future of ecommerce and the trajectory, trends, and technology that are or will shape your vertical in the second half of the decade and thereafter.

We’re proud to say the reports offer insight & imagination for tomorrow and beyond.

The reports are thoughtful, beautifully designed, and structured in a way that allows even the busiest of merchants to quickly learn:

  • The growth, geographic, & demographic trajectories of your vertical
  • The trends influencing your vertical and creating new risks & opportunities
  • The technologies that are likely to intersect and reshape the way commerce is conducted in the second half of the decade and beyond

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How to Use Industry Reports

Use the Industry Reports to obtain a deeper understanding of the state of your industry, its opportunities, and threats. For instance, the pivot toward Asia and its emerging middle classes and growing number of millionaires presents new growth opportunities.


Conversely, lower technological barriers to entry, decreasing customer loyalty, and changing consumer preference regarding sourcing, sustainability, and manufacturing processes present a collection of challenges that can crimp margins. Despite the headwinds, the report identifies specific growth opportunities such as the increasing demand for natural and organic cosmetics combined with an increased willingness to purchase cosmetics online:

Introducing Shopify Plus Industry Reports: Insight & Imagination For Tomorrow & Beyond


Tomorrow’s successful ecommerce merchant must also intimately understand the macroeconomic influences reshaping industries. Case in point is the jewelry industry which is experiencing significant consolidation and accelerated store closures.

The result, according to research, is that branded jewelry which now accounts for 20-percent of overall sales is expected to account for 30-40-percent of all sales by 2020:

Introducing Shopify Plus Industry Reports: Insight & Imagination For Tomorrow & Beyond


Importantly, the reports also imaginatively outline a future where tomorrow’s technologies collide and create opportunities for commerce that may not even exist today. For instance, wearable technology is something that will likely have a significant impact on the cosmetics industry and could one day turn 3D printed flexible skin-like cosmetics into something akin to medical devices that can monitor your vitals and alert you or your doctor immediately should something be amiss.

Such technology also means cosmetics merchants will likely be required to engage in ultra-segmentation to offer interactive and highly personalized experiences that show consumers a brand knows them intimately:

Introducing Shopify Plus Industry Reports: Insight & Imagination For Tomorrow & Beyond

Who We Made Them For

In addition to the research, insight, and future-looking angle of the report...

Our Industry Reports were created, in part, by merchants just like you.

The Shopify Plus Industry Reports include a discussion about the technology underpinning ecommerce and the role it ought to play in a growing business. Central in this discussion are actual Shopify Plus merchants who gave us their time and expertise to help us create this part of the report and generously reveal the secrets they wish they had known earlier in their ecommerce journeys:

Introducing Shopify Plus Industry Reports: Insight & Imagination For Tomorrow & Beyond

Industry Report #1 is the first in a series of vertical specific reports created to help you grow your business intelligently and better prepare for an uncertain future. Industry Report #1 was created specifically for those of you in the following industries:

  • Fashion & Apparel
  • Cosmetics
  • Jewelry
  • Luxury Goods

The industry snapshots, shifts in consumer behavior, and emerging technologies briefly illustrated in the report have been included solely to provide you with actionable insight you can use to make data-driven decisions that powerfully differentiate your brand and help you intelligently chart a strategic course for the future.

It’s free.

We made it with you in mind.

Use it to invent the future you desire and deserve.

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