Things to Sell Online: 21 Most Demanded Products in India

top products to sell in India

We've updated this post with a list of most demanded products and data for 2021!

To succeed in eCommerce, you need three things: in-demand products to sell, the skills to market them, and the drive to succeed.

You already have the winner’s mindset—you’re continually learning, researching, and preparing for success. But finding popular products to sell can be a challenge. That’s why we update this list every year to help you uncover new trending product ideas.

In this list, you’ll find 21 trending products in 2021 that will activate new business ideas—or, you may find a great product to add to your existing store. Since each trending product is meant for a distinct audience, we’re also sharing niche-specific tips for reaching new customers.

The products on this list are the top trending product categories owing to current market needs. These are just some of the high demand products in India. We will continue to add other high demand products to this list as we research the consumer market. So make sure you bookmark this article and keep a close watch on it!

Trending products to sell in 2021

Browse our list of best selling products in India for 2021, that you can use to start your online business.

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1. Peel-off face mask

Looking for a trending product to sell in the beauty industry? Peel-off face masks are seeing an increase in interest across Google Trends, Oberlo, and Amazon.

According to search data from Keywords Everywhere, the term “peel off face mask” receives 30,000 searches per month, with the phrase “face peel” receiving another 27,100 searches per month, variant “charcoal face mask” receiving 41,000 searches per month, and “facial mask” 81,000 per month.

most demanded products - peel off mask

Keywords Everywhere also shows that, for YouTube, the top 20 videos for “peel off face mask” are seeing an average of 5.3M views—with topics ranging from how to use a peel-off face mask for the first time to how to create your own at home.

Peel off face mask

When selling trending items in health and beauty, focus on visual platforms like Instagram and YouTube. You could partner up with influencers in the space and run Instagram ads to make sales quickly. A more sustainable option is to create your own Instagram profile and publish content around your face peels and masks.

For example, you could:

  • Do a Q&A on Instagram Live on how to use your face mask for the first time
  • Repost user-generated content
  • Run a contest
  • Make Instagram Stories highlighting product features
  • Publish product posts with shopping tags
  • Create funny Reels to promote your products
  • Publish carousel posts
  • Utilize what hashtags are trending right now

Why are product trends like this great for selling items online? You can easily expand your product line to include other popular products in the beauty sector to maximize your potential sales.

2. Nail polishes

Thanks to a new trend in designer nails among the younger population, the global nail polish market expects to reach $15.6 billion by 2024, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.5%, according to new information from Grand View Research.

According to Google Trends, the term “nail polish” began trending up again in March 2021, seeing an average 246,000 searches per month.

The younger generation is starting to experiment with new nail trends, driving demand for nail products including, enamel, varnish, and lacquer. These are expected to be the fastest growing color cosmetics segment because of its innovative textures and effects. Also because we're spending more time in and we're all looking for little changes to make.

Nail polish

If you want to turn your nail polish into a bestseller, market this trending beauty product on Instagram and Pinterest. Similar to peel-off face masks, above, you can find influencers to work with and run different social ads to different customer groups to drive sales.

You could use Pinterest to create inspiration boards for different nail experiments and trendy designs for potential shoppers.

On Instagram, focus on publishing carousel posts, which work well for two reasons:

  1. You can show off all the different nail polish styles and color shades in your store.
  2. No matter what size following you have, carousel posts receive up to 5.13% higher engagement compared to regular posts, according to research from SocialInsider.

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3. Exercise bands

Exercise resistance bands have quickly become one of the best selling products online, to no surprise. Given mandatory government shutdowns of gyms around the world due to the coronavirus, there’s been a growing trend in at-home exercise equipment. And the easiest of them all, exercise bands of course!

According to Keywords Everywhere, top searches are:

  • Resistance bands: 673,000/mo
  • Exercise bands: 25,000/mo
  • Exercise resistance bands: 5,300 /mo

By focusing on niche products like exercise resistance bands, you can create blog, video, and social media content around at-home workouts. Doing this, your store will attract higher quality leads more likely to buy your products.

Resistance bands trend

Since at-home exercise may keep trending for a long time, you can also build a brand around fitness and optimize your product pages to rank in Google and bring in organic traffic. You can bundle together resistance bands with other trending products in your store or run Google Shopping and Facebook ads to target high-intent buyers and drive immediate sales.

4. Water bottles

The global reusable water bottle market is already valued at $8.1 billion as of 2018, and is expected to continue growing by a CAGR of 3.9% until 2025. Trend data from Keywords Everywhere shows the following search volume:

  • Water bottles: 103,000/mo
  • Reusable water bottles: 27,100/mo
  • Sports water bottle: 14,800/mo
  • Custom water bottles: 22,200/mo

Google Trends data also shows a steady increase in interest for water bottles, which indicates an increase in demand for this trending product you can add to your online store.

Increasing threats to the environment from non-reusable bottles and the rise in people leaning toward a healthy lifestyle drive this trend. Your target audience is likely to be more health-conscious and aware of the harmful effects of one-time-use bottles.

Reusable water bottle

To market this bestseller, you’ll want to show these water bottles in use. For example, you could run a contest where customers post pictures of their water bottle out in the wild. Or, create staged photos of the water bottles in an eco-friendly setting and post them on social media and use them in ads.

You can build a Custom Audience in Facebook Ads Manager and target specific groups of people. Or, run Google Ads for the keywords “reusable water bottles” so you can target customers actively searching for similar products.

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5. Blankets

If you want to sell a product that has a high-profit margin, look into selling blankets.

These days, consumers are spending more and more money keeping their homes cozy and warm during colder seasons. According to research by Future Market Insights, the increase in demand is driving the blanket market, valued at $6.6 billion in 2018, to reach an estimated $9.9 billion by 2027, growing by a CAGR of 4.6%.

Google Trends confirms this research by showing a noticeable uptrend over the past few years, with sharp peaks during the winter.

most demanded products in winters - blankets

Research also shows that people are leaning more toward sustainable blankets that are also modern, decorative, stylish, and comfortable—like wool, which retailers are making more money selling than they are from cotton or polyester blankets. You can also sell custom-made blankets by teaming up with one of the many print-on-demand companies out there and letting new customers build their own.


You can sell items online like blankets through a paid search strategy. Run ads on Google for keywords such as “wool blankets” or “fleece blankets,” which generate 40,500 searches and 49,500 searches, respectively. Depending on what type of blanket you sell, you can also target more specific keywords, such as “wool camping blanket” or “blue and white throw blanket” to narrow in on higher-intent buyers.

For social media, you can create video content to show off the benefits of your blankets. And show other creative uses for them besides just keeping you warm in bed. You can also run seasonal giveaways to promote new blankets and bestsellers. Or run Facebook ads for people in the market to buy a new blanket.

6. Yoga and pilates mats

Yoga mats have been selling well for a while now. Due to the growing popularity in yoga and rising awareness of its health benefits, the yoga mat industry is estimated to reach $17.3 billion by 2025.

Google Trends confirms this uptick in interest.

best selling products yoga mat

When marketing top-selling items like yoga mats, pay attention to what your target audience is looking at on social media. For yoga-goers, the trend leans into bright and natural lit spaces with a more organic feel.

woman on yoga mat

Take photos of people using your yoga mats in a minimal and calming space—whether it be your living room or home office. Post them on social media channels like Instagram and Pinterest. Then, team up with influencers in the space to help promote your products organically. Consider providing yoga routines on platforms like Instagram and YouTube to help attract the right customers.

If you want to run ads but have a limited budget, consider the seasonality of yoga mats. Good times during the year to market yoga mats could be:

  1. “New year, new me” season in January and February
  2. Early summer in June when the outdoor lifestyle trend starts
  3. Gifting season in November and December

You’ll likely want to explore Facebook ads to send traffic to your website and drive sales during peak buying seasons. If you want to expand your product line, you can easily find new yoga apparel and accessories to sell using a product sourcing app.

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7. Bicycles

We're not going to offices anymore. We're not able to hit the gyms as frequently as we'd like. But the one thing we've all come to terms with is the need for exercise and the need for fresh air every once in a while. Ditching our cars and motorbikes, we saw a steady rise in the demand for bicycles in 2021 and the trend continues in 2021 as well. People are choosing to take the roads less taken to go longer rides alone and sometimes with a group. A big yay to this hot selling product in India for doing good to the environment too!

8. Jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles have been a popular pastime activity since the 1760s. They’re a great way to relieve stress and create something beautiful. Today, artists and companies are exploring new and fun ways to reimagine the jigsaw puzzle.

With 823,000 average monthly searches for the term “jigsaw puzzle,” it’s clear they are making a comeback in the 2021s. Google Trends shows an immediate spike in interest after government mandated lockdowns due to COVID-19, following a steady trend forward.

According to one global research study, the jigsaw puzzle market sits at around $9.1 billion today, and expects a growth CAGR of 15.1% by 2025. The main driver (besides being stuck at home in quarantine)? Parents’ preference to give their kids toys that are fun and increase knowledge and innovation.

Jigsaw puzzle

When it comes to promoting jigsaw puzzles, you’ll likely want to start by deciding on a few niches, such as kids puzzles or wooden puzzles. This will help you target ads to the right people. You could also start a social media campaign to repost completed puzzles from recent customers. Or run a contest to give away free puzzles to grow your email or Messenger marketing subscriber lists.

Customer reviews are always a smart move for selling items like puzzles online. Testimonials can help shoppers decide if the product is perfect for them and encourage a sale.

9. Kitchen and dining room furniture

There’s been a growing trend in searches for “kitchen furniture” and “dining room furniture” in recent months. People are spending more time at home and looking to spruce up their living spaces. Google Trends shows these two categories reaching peak interest over the next month, so if you’re looking for winning products to sell, act fast.

kitchen furniture

The term “kitchen furniture” generates 49,500 searches per month, with related keywords like “table sets” and “kitchen chairs” reaching 110,000 and 60,500 searches per month, respectively.

Kitchen Furniture

While “dining room furniture” only generates 40,500 searches per month, there are many variations you could go also target with an SEO strategy, including:

  • Dining room sets: 201,000/mo
  • Dining room chairs: 135,000/mo
  • Dining room tables: 110,000/mo
  • Small dining room sets: 8,100/mo

Dining room furniture

To market furniture products, you’ll want to run Google Shopping ads for dining furniture related keywords.

You can create a blog with interior design tips and tricks with links back to your products. Then, run retargeting ads to your blog traffic on Facebook or Google.

When running ads, try to target longer-tail keywords based on your product description, like “rustic wood dining table,” or “small kitchen table and chairs,” to attract customers who already know what they want. If you show up in front of them, they’re more likely to buy from your ecommerce store.

Want to learn more about selling furniture and home decor online? Read how this one brand did it on Shopify here.

10. Rugs

One recent trending product cropping up this quarter is rugs. Similar to other trending products in the home decor department, we’re probably seeing an increase due to the recent work-from-home trend. Area rugs bring together all the elements of a room and make spaces more cozy and welcoming.

Google Trends shows the search term “rugs” hitting peak interest for the first time in five years.

Rug by pool

The search term “rugs” is generating 673,000 searches per month, with related terms “area rugs” bringing in 246,000 searches per month and “rugs for sale” generating 90,500 searches per month. There are also many rug types and styles available to sell, which gives you a lot of new product opportunities as you expand your line.

Start by narrowing down what kind of rugs you want to sell—braided, outdoor, shag, area rugs, etc.—then promote your rugs on popular home decor blogs. You can reach out to them online and ask them to link back to products on your website from round up articles. People are more likely to buy when they come to your site through an external blog post than an ad. Then, run retargeting ads to people who viewed the product but didn’t buy to win back the sale.

Another option is partnering or collaborating with interior designers to help promote new products to their audiences. If a product recommendation comes from a trusted source, shoppers are more likely to buy.

11. Cutting boards

We're spending much more time at home. We're also choosing to eat more home-made food in comparison to stepping out for lunches. So when cutting boards showed up as one of the hot-selling products in India, we weren't surprised. After all, you do need it in the kitchen to avoid spoiling your crockery chopping vegetables on it. And you'd be surprised how even cutting boards are being customized in terms of both design and the shape.

12. Laptop skins

Laptop skins are one of those random trending products that become popular every few years and can drive incredible profits while the trend is hot. In this case, laptop skins had their claim to fame in 2009, 2016, 2020 and now 2021. Well, considering the amount of time we're spending on our devices, can you blame the trend?

According to Google Trends, the search term “laptop skins” hit peak interest in early August, dropped 14 points, and is now trending back up near peak interest.

best selling products in india - laptop skins

Search volume for the term “laptop skins” gets around 33,100 searches per month, according to Keywords Everywhere. People are also narrowing their search by computer type, with phrases like “laptop skins for dell” and “laptop skins for hp” getting 2,900 and 6,600 searches per month. These top trending products give you a ton of opportunities to target different customer segments based on their laptop brand and drive sales.

Laptop skin

13. Face masks

And here's one 2021 suggestion. With the COVID-19 outbreak, one item that has become a must-have for all demographics, is a face mask. Whether you're running a dropshipping store or started a clothing line online, an online pet supply store, you can always add a range of face masks to your store.

sell face masks online

14. Essential oils and candles

Another trending product right now is essentials oils. With the focus shifting to wellness and health, you can see a lot of brands taking a step back and exploring nature for what it has to offer for our day-to-day use.
On similar lines, candles also seem to be one of the best selling products in India. Scented candles have also found a high demand here, owing to temples, aesthetics and other reasons. And of course, you could also consider selling candle holders to complete the package for consumers.

15. Tea/ Coffee

With everyone home right now, beverages is a big market and well, if you know the sources, access to condiments and ingredients for tea and coffee can be easy too. With so many tea and coffee farms in India, we think now is a good time to start your own beverages brand. But remember to find your niche and how you want your tea/ coffee to stand on. At this point, how you brand your products will matter a lot and so will the packaging.
For example, here's Tea Trunk - a brand that sells teas online. They add to their product range frequently, based on consumer demand and what's trending.
sell tea online

16. Plants/ Greens

The pandemic sure has made us realise the importance of keeping nature as close to us. And that has suddenly increased the demand for plants and greens in the market. In fact, they are one of the most trending products in the market right now.
sell plants online

17. Electronics

Everyone wants to be efficient - whether they're working from home or are stepping out for meetings every now and then. This has also increased the demand for smart electronics and attachments. But to get them, the consumer no longer wants to step out and that makes this a trending product to sell online!
sell electronics online

18. Pet supply

A lot of us have brought home fur-friends this year and we want to give them the best life. That makes us search for beds, snacks and toys for them all the time - online; because we're still skeptical about moving outside to make purchases, and we definitely don't want to do on-ground research of brands selling pet supplies.
sell pet supplies online with shopify

19. Medical supplies

Apart from face masks, a number of products like gloves, medical scrubs, PPE kits and more are being purchased more than ever. If it matches the theme of your store or the other products you're selling, you can consider adding these products too!

20. Home-baked goods

Right from cookies to tea cakes, breads and more, a lot of us have switched to home-baked goods now. And that's exactly why you should consider either starting an online store for home-baked food items or adding them to your existing product range.

21. Mobile phone batteries

Who doesn't want to be doubly sure that when they step out of their homes, their devices are full charged. After all, there's so much communication that we're all used to - on social media and on messaging apps. And as we begin stepping out to travel again, mobile phone batteries have become one of the most demanded products in 2021.

Time to get online with the best selling products in India

These are some of the trending products in 2021, but there are so many more to choose from when deciding what to sell on Shopify. Finding product trends is only one part of the equation. The real secret is figuring out how to market them.

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Let us know in the comments what products you plan on selling on your store. Happy selling!

Frequently Asked Questions about finding trending products to sell

How to find trending products?

The easiest way to find trending products online is to check Google Trends. The Google Trends tool examines the popularity of top search queries in Google across various regions and languages. It will show you the trends of your product ideas based on search volume from 2004 onward.

What products are trending now?

  • Peel-off face masks
  • Nail polish
  • Exercise bands
  • Water bottles
  • Blankets
  • Yoga and pilates mats
  • Kayak accessories
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Kitchen and dining room furniture
  • Rugs
  • Board games
  • Laptop skins

What are the top selling items on Amazon?

  • Toys and games
  • Electronics
  • Camera and photo
  • Video games
  • Books
  • Clothing, style, and jewelry

What do people buy the most online?

  • Fashion and apparel
  • Tech products
  • Health and wellness supplements
  • Books and music
  • Educational courses
  • Travel packages
  • Second-hand products

How to choose what products to sell?

  1. Identify products people are looking for to solve a problem
  2. Find products that people (and you) are actually passionate about
  3. Find products that have a branding potential
  4. Keep a tab on market trends
  5. Find products that are impulsively bought Identify and serve niche segments

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