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.com Domain Name Registration

Why choose a .com domain?

.com overview

Grow your online presence with a trusted and recognized .com domain name. As the world’s most popular domain extension, .com is a universal option that millions of people recognize and trust. While the internet has embraced thousands of new top-level domain (TLD) options, many people are not yet familiar with them. Global companies, local businesses, and startups can all use the .com domain name to connect with their audiences and establish success online.

.com facts, stats & history

A history of success. The .com domain extension stands for 'commercial' and you see it everywhere. In fact, about half of all websites use .com domains. When it was created in the 1980s, it was foreseen as the domain of choice for brick-and-mortar companies who needed a website. Launch your .com website today and join millions of brands, businesses, and entrepreneurs who have enjoyed the established track record a .com domain name has to offer.

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.com benefits

Sights set on becoming a global business? A .com domain is a great universal choice. It can lend credibility to your online presence and quickly build trust across a variety of international audiences and languages.

Ideas for your .com domain

A .com domain can help you market a product or service, whether you’re a local brand, a global powerhouse, or something in between.

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FAQ - Learn more about .com domains

  • .com is one of the most common generic top-level domain (TLD) choices. The .com TLD is short for "commerce" and in the past was widely used by businesses in the for-profit industry. Today, .com has become the most popular generic TLD, and you’ll see a variety of different organizations using it.
  • A .com domain extension is a great choice for any business due to its global use and familiarity with users. It’s the most widely used domain extension and builds credibility for a website.
  • Anyone can buy a .com domain name as long as it hasn't already been registered.
  • Yes, you can buy a branded .com domain name through Shopify.
  • Shopify offers free SSL certificates for all the domains registered through our platform. SSL certificates can cost you hundreds of dollars annually.