WooCommerce vs. GoDaddy vs. Shopify

WooCommerce or GoDaddy or Shopify?

Shopify offers over 100 payment gateway options and over 6,000 apps, and ensures your site is secure and compliant for running a commerce business.

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Why choose Shopify over WooCommerce and GoDaddy

Feature comparison table between WooCommerce, GoDaddy and Shopify

Key features




Free trial No Yes Yes
24/7 support No Yes Yes
Sell online and in-store No Yes Yes
Business capital No No Yes
Custom domain No Yes Yes
SEO features No Yes Yes
Hosting No Yes Yes
Sell worldwide Yes Yes Yes
Multi-currency support Yes Yes Yes
Mobile-friendly Yes No Yes
Fraud protection No No Yes
Integrated checkout Yes Yes Yes
Integrated fulfillment network No No Yes
Email marketing tools No Yes Yes
App Store Yes No Yes
Mobile app for merchants Yes Yes Yes

7 things Shopify can do vs. Woocommerce and GoDaddy

Provide over 100 payment gateways

WooCommerce has around 70 payment gateways, whereas GoDaddy only has about 40. Shopify, being an international enterprise, has over 100 payment gateways around the world. You’ll find local payment gateways, as well as popular ones, letting you accept payments based on the platform your customers are used to.

Offer Over 6,000 apps

WooCommerce has under 1,000 extensions for its merchants. GoDaddy doesn’t have an app store. Fortunately, Shopify boasts over 6,000 apps for store owners, allowing them to design, enhance, and improve their business look and marketing. You’ll be able to source products, increase sales, change your design, and much more.

Ensure fraud protection

Neither WooCommerce nor GoDaddy offers first-party fraud protection. You’ll need to use a third-party to connect a fraud prevention extension to your store. Unlike WooCommerce and GoDaddy, Shopify offers a first-party fraud protection that helps you easily assess whether a customer’s purchase is low, medium, or high risk for fraud.

Give business loans

Unlike WooCommerce and GoDaddy, Shopify provides small business loans to entrepreneurs looking to gain some quick funding for payroll, inventory, or marketing. With no personal credit checks or lengthy applications, you’ll be able to get your funding fast. Repayment is made via a percentage of your sales too.

Offer automatic PCI DSS compliance

Merchants who process debit or credit card transactions are legally required to be PCI DSS compliant. On WooCommerce and GoDaddy, you may need to add an extension or use a third-party vendor to make your site compliant. On Shopify, your website is automatically compliant on your first day, without any extra steps.

Allow use of subdomain

Neither WooCommerce nor GoDaddy offers use of a subdomain for starting your business. On Shopify, you don’t need to purchase a domain name; you can use your .myshopify.com subdomain for free to start your entrepreneurial journey. In the future, if you decide to purchase a domain name, the transfer can be done in only a few clicks.

Include an automatic SSL certificate

You’ll need to pay for and set up an SSL certificate separately when using WooCommerce and GoDaddy. Fortunately, Shopify includes this when you sign up. That means your site will be secure for visitors from day one.

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What’s the difference between WooCommerce and GoDaddy?

The difference between WooCommerce and GoDaddy is that WooCommerce is a WordPress plug-in for creating an online store and GoDaddy is a domain name reseller that added a website builder.

Which platform is better for ecommerce: WooCommerce vs. GoDaddy?

Both WooCommerce and GoDaddy are good options for commerce. However, Shopify is an excellent option for merchants running either an online store or a brick-and-mortar business. Shopify’s easy drag-and-drop theme builder allows you to customize your website with ease. You’ll find countless themes, apps, and more so you can start, run, and grow your commerce business.

Which platform provides better hosting: WooCommerce vs. GoDaddy?

WooCommerce doesn’t provide hosting. However, GoDaddy does. GoDaddy offers multiple tiers of hosting, which means you may need to change hosts as your business grows. On Shopify, hosting is automatically included and you won’t need to change pricing plans as your business grows. Shopify also ensures a reliable uptime.

Page last updated: January 24, 2022