Get your business online fast with expert help

Nobody was ready for COVID-19. But looking forward, a store setup expert can quickly get you ready to start selling online. Get matched based on your needs and hire a Shopify expert so you can get back to business.

How to hire a Shopify store setup expert

1. Describe what you need

Fill out a request and get matched with experts who meet your requirements.

2. Compare responses from experts

Choose from the experts who reply to you by email.

3. Hire help, get the job done

Discuss the final details of the work, and get set up to start selling.

Always open with Shopify

Any store can be an online store

Whether you own a restaurant, hair salon, grocery store, or dance studio, Shopify experts can help set up your online store with a fast turn-around time.

Go with Shopify, grow with Shopify

Though commerce is changing, you can rely on Shopify to provide one mission control for simple payments, smooth orders, and store insights wherever you go.

Get started without expert help 

Adjust to selling online supported by experts

Professional help based on your needs

We’ll match you with store setup experts that can help address the complex and unique needs your business might have, and help you translate them into success online.

Rely on trusted Shopify experts

When you join Shopify, you’re joining a community of web design and development freelancers, contractors, and agencies that can help get your store up and running.

Go from offline to online and get set up for success

Connect with setup experts

Resources to help you get started

Intro to hiring help with Shopify

We know this might be all new to you. Read an overview of hiring Shopify experts so you can know what to expect.

Shopify’s global support team is here to help

We’re available to offer guidance—anything from getting your retail business online to advice on navigating the current situation.

Resilient Retail: How to Move Your Brick-and-Mortar Business Online

Shift online so you can weather this storm and build a more resilient business.