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Amsterdam, Netherlands


English, Dutch


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We're experts in striking the perfect balance between a conversion optimised customer experience (CX/UX/UI) and a rich brand/product experience. 

We've successfully completed over 55 custom webshop designs on the Shopify Plus platform with multiple Shopify developers.

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Store build or redesign, Conversion rate optimization, Website audit and optimization strategy, Logo and visual branding, Video and illustrations


Art and photography, Clothing and fashion, Home and garden, Services

Featured work


Award winning UX/UI & Visual Design that helped Stoov scale multifold—becoming the fastest growing brand in The Netherlands and 37th in Europe in Financial Times FT1000 2023.
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In close collaboration with the bloomon team, we created a complete UX/UI re-design of the webshop that brings a more immersive product experience and covers many e-commerce improvements, in particular streamlining several customer journey's from different platforms into one.
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Pieter Pot

Full UX/UI & Visual Design design of the world's first online supermarket without packaging (!) and running on the Shopify platform. This was their first step into becoming widely available before moving to a native app approach.
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We created a visual experience to match the premium European design lamp brands that Lamptwist offers while significantly improving UX and UI when browsing, finding, selecting, and buying lamps from a plethora of variants and options.
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Mr. Marvis

We have been optimising and translating the branding from Mr. Marvis into high performing CX and conversion on the Shopify Plus platform since 2019
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Farmer Gracy

We did a full re-branding of multiple collaterals and complete new webshop design for the very specific Farmer Gracy customer: 45+ year young UK gardeners. We balanced the new modern branding with the recognizable "Gardeners Magazine" visuals while optimizing CX and UI to discover, browse, find and buy the right bulbs a smooth as possible.
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The Bolden team embraced our mission to power sports for the overlooked, boosting our digital reach through a beautiful website. Proactive, creative and result-driven describe Bolden’s great quality work.

Service reviewed: Store build or redesign