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Ahmedabad, India

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India, United States, Australia, Canada


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CartCoders, a leading Shopify development company, offers top-notch eCommerce solutions. With 200+ projects, 38+ global ventures, and 8+ years of expertise, we guarantee on-time delivery and quality. Our services include store development, app development etc...

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Troubleshooting, Site performance and speed, Store build or redesign, Store migration, Custom domain setup, Custom apps and integrations


Clothing and fashion, Health and beauty, Home and garden, Jewelry and accessories

Featured work

PLANT QUILITY - Complete Store Development & Design

Our client, PLANTQUILITY, requested that we develop a strong brand identity from the ground up that reflects the core of their brand and allows users to explore the perfect houseplant plant that matches their lifestyle.

We have created custom videos for YouTube, a cart popup discount progress bar, and a collection banner using metafiled. 
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KCLot - Complete Store & Mobile Application Development

Our client requested that we develop a strong brand identity from the ground up that reflects the core of their brand and allows users to explore their trending collection.

As a top Shopify development company, here's what our design team did to assist them in achieving their goal.To understand the KCLOT's brand image and the audience it is aiming for, brand strategy to relaunch the entire thing.
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Aria Rose - Complete Store Development

For the Aria Rose website, the client has provided us the PSD and wanted to develop a website as per PSD design. We created the website based on PSD design for them.

To match up their requirement we have created pixel perfect design in the website as per their PSD designs. Whereas the Aria Rose website is Designed By Nathalie Fleitas & Developed By Cartcoders.
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Caprilina - Complete Store Development

When the client requested us to add some prominent features to their Caprilina website, Using PSD designs we provided them with an Instagram feed, Shop the Look, and Notification, etc.

Using the Shopify platform, we have created a pixel-perfect design on the website as per client requirements. Whereas the Caprilina website is designed by Nathalie Fleitas & developed by Cartcoders.
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Quality of work



Great work, really increased my confidence in my site.

Service reviewed: Social media marketing

Stock Box Online

Quality of work



Overall, a terrible experience, with very little actual usable formatting, as most work was riddled with conflicts. Will probably have to spend as much money again correcting all the issues I am left with. Never again!

Service reviewed: Store build or redesign


Quality of work



Héél duur werknemer geen verkoop eruit gehaald hele maand niet

Service reviewed: Social media marketing