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Deque Systems

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Deque Systems

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Herndon, United States

Supported locations

United States, Canada, India, Japan


English, French


Business description

Deque invented the category of automated digital accessibility testing over two decades ago. Today, Deque has become a leading brand in delivering (axe) tools and strategic consulting services that enable businesses to offer accessible experiences for all users

Specialized services

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Description: We can provide you with your own testing tools to check for accessibility before you publish content. This approach saves many hours of time and helps to ensure your website is in compliance with laws like ADA, ACA, AODA, and the EAA.

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Description: We can test your website for WCAG compliance and we can license you our on line training courses and testing tools to help you check your compliance with local laws regarding digital accessibility requirements.
Deque’s solutions extend beyond software to include professional services such as accessibility audits, training, and transformation consulting. 


Business to business (B2B), Consumer packaged goods, Electronics, Services

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How to avoid wasting money on a "quick fix"

The above website helps to educate website owners about the Do's and Don'ts of website accessibility
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Free accessibility checker and demo

This free extension uses our axe rules and will find 57% of the accessibility violations.  It has been downloaded one Billion times and is used by Microsoft and Google for their accessibility program. Everyone uses our axe rules because they produce 100% accurate test results. If axe says there is a violation then you can trust that there is a violation and once you fix it, you can check your work
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