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Ottawa, Canada




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We’ve been in the game for over a decade, helping companies make the most of Shopify. Based in Ottawa, Canada, just a stone’s throw away from where Shopify started, our team specializes in delivering top-notch e-commerce strategies, UI/UX Design and Shopify Development

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Store build or redesign, Custom apps and integrations, Business strategy guidance, Product development, Store migration


Clothing and fashion, Consumer packaged goods, Food and drink, Health and beauty

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Drawing upon the rich heritage of Jalisco’s agave craftsmanship, ALMAVE infuses centuries of distillation artistry into each bottle of their non-alcoholic Blue Agave spirit. We’ve created an ecommerce experience that seamlessly blends cultural storytelling with a user-centric shopping journey on Shopify.

• Custom Shopify Theme
• Ecommerce Strategy
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Rooted in the belief of wellness and vitality, Lemme embodies a commitment to fostering healthier lifestyles through its premium, science-backed nutritional supplements. Led by Kourtney Kardashian, the brand marries the purity of natural ingredients with the precision of scientific research to offer products that support overall wellbeing.

• Ecommerce Strategy
• Custom Site Design & Development
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Snif has redefined the fragrance and candle market with its pioneering try-before-you-buy approach. Launched in 2020, Snif’s Shopify storefront has evolved into a dynamic, customer-first online destination. Their continuous expansion and dedication to user experience underscore Snif’s innovative spirit in the digital retail landscape.

• Ecommerce Strategy
• Custom Site Design & Development
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Incorporating humorous, niche-driven branding, Dude Wipes is a leader in the male hygiene market. After securing $300K on Shark Tank, they continued their rise via brilliant use of social media and celebrity collabs. Together we’ve created a wide range of ecommerce and entertainment experiences.

• Marketing and ecommerce strategy 
• Site design
• Site Development
• Custom App Development
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