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世田谷区, Japan

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Japan, United States


English, Japanese


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R6B is not a web production company, but an “EC project support company” concept. Based in Tokyo, Osaka, and Sapporo, the company is developing an EC production business using Shopify, and its strength lies in offering proposals that meet current trends, such as support

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POS setup and migration, Social media marketing, Store build or redesign, Ongoing website management, International expansion


Clothing and fashion, Home and garden, Lifestyle, Sports and recreation

Featured work

Soup Stock Tokyo

A specialty store for ready-to-eat soups in Japan. The store offers features such as a customizable soup set option and a subscription purchase service. Customers can also select multiple soups and purchase them in a box. Additionally, there is an e-gift option that allows for sending gifts even without knowing the recipient's address, making it an ideal choice for gifts in our online shop.
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A leading fabric trading company in the textile industry. We have developed web solutions suitable for their internal workflow, realizing an internal system from order to shipment on Shopify. Additionally, we have developed a search system as a unique custom app.This also enables the sale of digital fabric. For the U.S. site, we created an expansion store to realize a localized sales strategy.
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A fashion and apparel manufacturer that handles high-functionality outdoor products. By developing a unique membership service and integrating it with the Shopify APP to connect with the core system, implementation is achieved with cost reduction. Additionally, features such as a chat function, a store list that can be filtered by region, and the implementation of in-store POS was also executed.
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A company specializing in the production and sale of instant ramen. It has achieved Single Sign-On integration with Nissin’s existing customer base. In the website's header section, there is a feature to toggle the display between bulk sales of ramen and health food products. Additionally, the company has developed subscription functions and a prize exchange feature within its membership program.
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