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Beijing, China


English, Spanish, French


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We specialize in helping brands taking their first step in China through social media. WalktheChat covers most of mainland China's social channels including WeChat, Weibo, Red, Douyin, & more. We provide a one-stop-solution including technical, sales and marketing.

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Social media marketing, Sales channel setup, Store build or redesign, Store settings configuration, POS setup and migration

Featured work

Making a fashion bag brand viral in China

We helped Botkier, a New York fashion brand, become viral:
960% ROI on the 3rd month of launching the WeChat store
Increase WeChat followers by 6 times during the first Single's Day campaign 
Content, design, operation, customer service support on WeChat, Weibo & Little Red Book account 
Launching on Tmall via TOF
WeChat cross-border Mini Program store synchronized with Shopify
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NBA player meetup event, live-streaming & Tik Tok micro-influencers

We helped Bauerfeind, a German sports brands to host an event with an NBA player: 
1 paid WeChat KOL, 7 unpaid WeChat KOLs, 30 unpaid Weibo KOLs
3 million impressions on WeChat & Weibo 
3 WeChat groups with high engagement 
3,000 lucky draw participants 
3,000 WeChat Official Account followers 
Management of WeChat and Weibo accounts on a monthly basis. 
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KOL campaign, WeChat store, operation & strategy

We operate the social media accounts of Hunter Boots, an iconic UK fashion brand. We launched a WeChat Mini Program pop-up store within 2 weeks, and the KOL campaign had 150% ROI. 
We also manage product seeding to high-quality fashion KOLs. By giving away 20 products, we managed to gain 100,000 RMB worth of free promotion and 3 million free impressions. 
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Store design and China localization

We helped Patyka, a French organic cosmetics brand, launch on the Chinese market:
WeChat Mini-program store setup
Store design 
WeChat content creation
Cross-border logistics support
Gifting of products to influencers
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