Shopify Email: Let Your Brand Identity Shine With Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways for businesses to build relationships with their customers. But a major challenge is capturing a recipient’s attention in a crowded inbox. To overcome this challenge, it’s important to create visually appealing emails and have your brand identity shine through your campaigns.

This isn’t simple, especially for those with little design skills. Shopify Email makes it easy to create beautifully branded and engaging emails. Here are a few tips:

Tips on how to deliver brand identity through email 

Ensure brand consistency across multiple channels.

Consistency with your email and online store is important when building trust. You want your customer to have the same impression of your brand when they visit your site or when an email lands in their inbox. This can be accomplished easily in Shopify Email. Your accent colors, typography, and logo image are automatically brought directly into the email editor from your online store, and you can apply them to your background, text, buttons, and more.

When it comes to design, small details make a huge difference.

A little goes a long way, and your customers will notice. Adding simple features will allow you to look like a pro right from the start. For example, changing your button style to be the shape or color of your brand can spark recognition and build a stronger connection with your customers. In the editor you now can edit the style, line fill, or font in just a few clicks. You can also add a divider into any part of your email to structure the layout in a professional manner. 

Make your products come to life.

This is your opportunity to showcase your products front and centre. The type of product photos selected or the way they are displayed can make a customer continue to scroll through your email or click Shop Now. With the new product grid feature you can now lay out your products in a visually appealing way. You can choose to display a collection of products in multiple columns or add a frame or background color.  

    How Gather & See and Naomi Clement are using Shopify Email to communicate their brand with customers

    We invited two Shopify stores, Gather & See and Naomi Clement to learn how easy it is to add brand identity to their campaigns with the new Shopify Email features. 

    Before we dig into their templates let’s take a look at each of their brands. Gather & See is an award-winning online ethical fashion retailer launched in 2014 by childhood friends Alicia Taylor and Stephanie Hogg. They describe Gather & See as a labor of love that they built over the years, through motherhood, moving continents, changing times, and challenging climates, always sure of their end goal—to make shopping sustainably easier. Their branding includes neutral tones and a clean look, which aligns well with their mission to offer ethical fashion. 

    Naomi Clement is a Canadian artist and educator who explores ideas of home and belonging through functional ceramics. Naomi wants her ceramics to convey a sense of a life lived and a life still to be lived. Her work is about making connections and wanting to make connections. Her brand conveys this deep connection authentically through every piece, but she also portrays it through her strong accent colors and text elements. 

    With product grids, both businesses are able to showcase specific collections with imagery that matches their branding. The consistent flow of their online store and email allows their products to stand out in a professional way with just a few clicks. Their aesthetics are different but are showcased within the little details and in their own way. For example, through their accent colors and button styles. Both companies have a strong connection to their customers, and it’s important for them to showcase their brand identity in all aspects of their business.

    We have designed a new template to make it even easier to begin using these new features and level up your email campaigns today.

    Try the new product grid template now