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All4cycling increases conversion rate by 40% with Shopify Plus

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All4cycling is an online boutique for cycling equipment founded in 2006 by Luca Nardello, a former professional cyclist. Initially focused only on clothing for professional teams, it then expanded its offer to include accessories, components and equipment from the best brands in the industry. In 2011 it became a point of reference for the management of ecommerce services for events, pro teams and athletes. In the same year, it opened its first physical shop. Since then, it’s become an ecommerce partner of Giro d’Italia, Tour de France, and classic cycling races.

In 2021, just two weeks before the start of the Giro d’Italia, All4cycling decided to switch to Shopify Plus to meet the challenges presented by their growth:

  • Manage the exponential growth in the number of SKUs
  • Operate in different markets with different look and feel and currencies
  • Manage processes independently without the need for an external agency


All4cycling ecommerce had to be ready for one of the season's peak moments, Giro d’Italia 2021. In that context, automation was crucial to streamline processes and allow the business to grow with a platform that fits its needs.

We were looking for a lean system that offered autonomy, flexibility and ease of use.


Luca Nardello — Founder and CEO

The same year, the South Tyrolean Obfinim Spa group became a partner for development and growth, while in 2022 Tour de France chose All4Cycling for the management of their Italian ecommerce. The company was growing and developing fast, new opportunities presented new challenges to the team. The most pressing one was their ability to independently manage their workflow and activities.

With Shopify we can now independently manage our work.


Silvana Scimone — IT Manager


All4cycling independently migrated to Shopify Plus within just two weeks. The platform offered various solutions to support the specific needs of the brand, particularly during major events such as the Giro d’Italia.

Shopify Function (formerly Shopify Script) allowed All4cycling to achieve greater shipping accuracy and agility. The same function also facilitated payment management and the type of payment to be shown to each type of customer, improving the customer experience at the checkout stage. Shopify POS facilitated omnichannel strategies by creating the exact same online and offline shopping experience.

"It's incredible the amount of things that we couldn't do before," says Scimone about Shopify Flow. "With the tagging functionality we are now able to manage the management system independently, saving time to the administration department. We have created flows and rules that enable us to manage orders and invoicing."

Thanks to tagging and alerts, the platform has made it possible to automate processes that were previously done manually.

The migration has also supported international expansion. “In the last period, the new features of Shopify international sales tools have helped us to operate in all different territories in local currency. We can change prices and products to be available in each different country. It also allows us to change the look and feel of the website, adapting the shopping experience to the local market,” continues Luca Nardello, founder and CEO of All4cycling.


Since the migration to Shopify, All4cycling's turnover has grown by 35%, traffic to their website increased by 25%, and the conversion rate grew by more than 40%. By streamlining the process the company saved hundreds of people hours thanks to the automation offered by the platform.

Shopify Plus offers scalability and the capabilities to serve customers in the best way. Before everything was difficult, now everything has become simple.


Luca Nardello — Founder and CEO


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With Shopify, All4cycling saw results fast.




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