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New Feature: Comments for Blogs

Feature Highlights:

Drop your Wordpress, dump your Typepad, ban your Blogger…because Shopify now has Comments for Blogs.

While Shopify has always had a fantastic, simple-to-use integrated blogging tool, we’re excited to make it even more useful for those looking to replace their traditional blog.

Enabling comments on existing themes is easy – simple create an Article.liquid template and enable the comments functionality.

Comments on a new store is even easier – all our current themes have been upgraded to support comments, just enable comments for the blogs you want.

Feature Highlights:

  • Enable comments on a per-blog basis. If you only want comments enabled on your “Latest Products” blog, but disabled for your “Stories from the Field” articles, no problem. Comments can be configured on a per-blog basis.
  • Comments can be moderated or automatic. You can approve all comments before they go live, or simply allow your comments to be published automatically.
  • Great Spam filtering. Hate spam? So do we. We use defensio spam filtering with customized learning across all Shopify stores, which will provide even better spam filtering. All potential spam is tagged for your review, just in case.
  • Easy to use Comment administration. Comments are marked on your admin page for quick review and approval. At a glance, see the number of approved, pending removed and spam comments.

You can check out the screencast (below), or wiki tutorial and find more details about the liquid template.