Margaret Sha

Freelance photographer | Feel free to connect for services in portrait photography, creative photoshoot, lifestyle and travel content. Open to capturing products, places, couples and family. Looking forward to connecting!

location Vancouver, BC

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Tree Lined Shore Reflected In Water | View photo

Margaret Sha has contributed 9 photos since September 2018

person organizes clothes on a thin clothing rack

Person Organizes Clothes On A Thin Clothing Rack

bright yellow flowers in bunches

Bright Yellow Flowers In Bunches

snowy mountains over grassy hills

Snowy Mountains Over Grassy Hills

person looks out to moss covered trees

Person Looks Out To Moss Covered Trees

hands gripping a shawl wrapped around them

Hands Gripping A Shawl Wrapped Around Them

person walks through a forest of tall green trees

Person Walks Through A Forest Of Tall Green Trees

vancouver bc harbor by mountain side city

Vancouver BC Harbor By Mountain Side City

tree lined shore reflected in water

Tree Lined Shore Reflected In Water

houses in the distance along hillside

Houses In The Distance Along Hillside