Construction Images

Browse our gallery of free construction pictures from Burst. Our collection includes workers doing repairs, building on scaffolding and using cranes and other equipment. Download a photo for free and use it in your next commercial project.

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black and white photo of a dock on calm water

Black And White Photo Of A Dock On Calm Water

person crouches down on a street and paints a door white

Person Crouches Down On A Street And Paints A Door White

metal scaffolding and clear blue skies

Metal Scaffolding And Clear Blue Skies

standing with parts of a wooden structure around them

Standing With Parts Of A Wooden Structure Around Them

side of a industrial building with metal ladders

Side Of A Industrial Building With Metal Ladders

large white industrial building with tall white cylinders

Large White Industrial Building With Tall White Cylinders

tall cement blocks against a cloudy sky

Tall Cement Blocks Against A Cloudy Sky

people in orange jumpsuits on tall scaffolding

People In Orange Jumpsuits On Tall Scaffolding

the sunsets over a city rooftops and tall cranes

The Sunsets Over A City Rooftops And Tall Cranes

boats and cranes lit by a rising sun

Boats And Cranes Lit By A Rising Sun

an aerial view of construction in a mountain range

An Aerial View Of Construction In A Mountain Range

a crane tower on a clear day

A Crane Tower On A Clear Day

cranes reaching on a clear day

Cranes Reaching On A Clear Day

two cranes against a blue sky

Two Cranes Against A Blue Sky

top of a marble quarry

Top Of A Marble Quarry

the edge of a quarry with white rocks

The Edge Of A Quarry With White Rocks

vast rock quarries

Vast Rock Quarries

a lonely quarry bridge

A Lonely Quarry Bridge

cranes hover over buses

Cranes Hover Over Buses

the cranes loom over the horizon from above

The Cranes Loom Over The Horizon From Above

white and black stone wall

White And Black Stone Wall

london street intersection

London Street Intersection

just be you

Just Be You

files and hammers flatlay

Files And Hammers Flatlay

matching modern buildings

Matching Modern Buildings

snowy industry

Snowy Industry

snow stops work

Snow Stops Work

scaffolding on church

Scaffolding On Church

castle scaffolding

Castle Scaffolding

towers construction

La Sagrada Familia Construction

a pile of lime green lego blocks

A Pile Of Lime Green Lego Blocks

red table saw

Red Table Saw

hand-held router shaping wood

Hand-held Router Shaping Wood

wood curls on a hand plane

Wood Curls On A Hand Plane

drill bit and laser guide

Drill Bit And Laser Guide

hand plane in use

Hand Plane In Use

wood in wooden clamp

Wood In Wooden Clamp

router in motion

Router In Motion

cutting wood on workbench

Cutting Wood On Workbench

cutting wood with circular saw

Cutting Wood With Circular Saw

careful measurements

Careful Measurements

laser x marks the spot

Laser X Marks The Spot

man measures wood

Man Measures Wood

circular saw blurs

Circular Saw Blurs

table saw teeth

Table Saw Teeth

construction worker in protective gear

Construction Worker In Protective Gear

construction worker's meeting

Construction Worker's Meeting

pointing out the details

Pointing Out The Details

two builders smile from scaffolding

Two Builders Smile From Scaffolding

a group of builders on scaffolding

A Group Of Builders On Scaffolding

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Are you looking for royalty-free construction photography? In our archive of professionally-shot photos, you’ll find a vast range of construction-related pictures that will help you convey the message of quality. Our collection includes pictures of the different planning stages, such as architectural drawings, blueprints, and construction workers writing and carrying out plans. You’ll also find photos of various tools construction equipment mid-use. So, expect to find a host of pictures of hammers, screwdrivers, helmets, work boots, cranes, scaffolding and measuring equipment.

If you’re a construction company, a construction consultant, an architect, or even an engineering student, you’re bound to find the images to meet your needs. Our photographers have gone to great lengths to add life to our construction images, snapping them along with workers in both daylight and after sunset. From demolished buildings to brand new developments, we’ve got it all, royalty-free.

Whether you’re working on an article, a presentation, or any other project, you can use our construction photos for personal and commercial use, without having to attribute them to us, or the skilled photographer who took the shot.

Our construction image collection is being updated continuously, so be sure to check back often to find more quality snaps.