How to Sell on WordPress with the Shopify Ecommerce Plugin

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Update: This plugin is no longer available. Please visit the Shopify Help Center for help with using Buy Button to embed code on your WordPress site.

Earlier this week, we announced the release of our new Shopify Ecommerce Plugin for WordPress, a simple and convenient way for you to start selling your products on WordPress.

With the Shopify Ecommerce Plugin, you can easily drop shoppable products onto any of your website’s pages or blog posts. Integrating your Shopify store into WordPress means that you get all of the security and ecommerce tools that Shopify has to offer while still being able to manage your pages and posts through WordPress.

Here’s everything you need to know about selling on WordPress with the Shopify Ecommerce Plugin.

Meet the Shopify Ecommerce Plugin

The Shopify Ecommerce Plugin makes adding ecommerce to your WordPress website simple, straightforward, and secure.

After installing the plugin, you’ll be able to create Buy Buttons for any of your posts or pages, allowing your customers to purchase your products without ever leaving your website. By integrating the entire shopping experience into your WordPress website, you’ll be creating a seamless ecommerce experience for your audience.

Not only is the Shopify Ecommerce Plugin an easier way to sell on WordPress, but it also gives you the freedom to sell your products however you want. While other ecommerce plugins are designed to transform your entire website into an online store, the Shopify Ecommerce Plugin lets you set up a WordPress shopping cart for single products or entire collections - the choice is yours.

A Better Ecommerce Experience

In addition to selling on WordPress, here’s a look at the other services and features you’ll get access to with Shopify:

  • Facebook Shop: Sell your products directly to your customers on Facebook with a responsive Facebook Shop section for your business’ Facebook page.
  • Pinterest Buyable Pins: If you have an online store, Buyable Pins will give all of your products pricing information and a Buy Button whenever they’re Pinned to Pinterest. Your customers will be able to purchase your products from inside the Pinterest app. 
  • Twitter Shoppable Tweets: With an online store, whenever one of your products is tweeted, it will feature a Buy Button that lets your customers make purchases without leaving Twitter.
  • Shopify POS for iOS or Android: Sell your products in person from your physical store or pop-up shop. Accept credit card payments using the Shopify POS app for your smartphone, tablet, or a free Shopify card reader.
  • Shopify Store Management App: Track your store’s success and fulfill your orders on-the-go using the Shopify app for iOS and Android.
  • The Shopify App Store: Get access to over 1000 apps from the Shopify App Store. 
  • Multiple Payment Options: Accept payments from your customers using Shopify Payments (US, UK, CA, AU) (transaction fees apply), Stripe (per-transaction fees apply), and Paypal (per-transaction fees apply). 
  • Product Fulfillment and Management: Add tracking numbers to your shipments; use Shopify Shipping to buy and print discounted shipping labels; edit product details for multiple products at the same time; and much more. 
  • 24/7 Support: Get help with your Shopify store whenever you need it.

How Do I Install the Shopify Ecommerce Plugin?

Before you can install the Shopify Ecommerce Plugin onto your WordPress site, you’ll first need to download this .zip file containing the plugin:

Download for free

Once you have the .zip downloaded, you can head to your WordPress admin and start the installation process.

wordpress plugin install

In the lefthand navigation bar of your Admin, hover over ‘Plugins’ and select ‘Add New’.

wordpress plugin install

Now click ‘Upload Plugin’ then ‘Choose File’ and select the .zip file from your computer. After you’ve made your selection, click ‘Install Now’.

That’s it! You should now see the Shopify Ecommerce Plugin in your Installed Plugins list.

How Do I Use the Shopify Ecommerce Plugin?

Using the Shopify Ecommerce Plugin to add products to your WordPress website only takes a few clicks.

add new product wordpress

Simply add a new page or post and look for the ‘Add Product’ button that should now appear above your text editor. Click ‘Add Product’ and select the product or collection that you’d like to feature.

Using the Shopify Ecommerce Plugin, you can now easily insert Buy Buttons onto any product page or embed full products into any post, page, or sidebar.

Does the Shopify Ecommerce Plugin Work with Any Theme?

You can use the Shopify Ecommerce Plugin with any framework or theme. If you’d like to integrate the Shopify Ecommerce Plugin into your own theme, we’ve open sourced the plugin. You can also embed the Shopify Buy Button manually without installing the plugin.

To help you start selling on WordPress, we’ve teamed up with Themezilla, Themify, and Ultralinx to provide you with three beautiful, customizable WordPress ecommerce themes designed to be used with, the self-hosted version of WordPress.

You can grab these new themes for yourself here:

Do I Need a Shopify Store to Use It?

You do need to have a Shopify store to sell your products on WordPress.

If you’re new to Shopify, selling on WordPress starts at just $9/month with our Lite plan. You’ll get access to the Shopify Ecommerce Plugin as well as a wide range of other great features like Shopify POS for iOS or Android, our App Store, and 24/7 support.

Can I Translate My Buy Button into Different Languages?

Yes, you can translate your Buy Button and cart into a different language by changing the copy with these data attributes. You can also change the language for your checkout page by editing your checkout settings in your Shopify admin.

Are the Shipping Options the Same as My Online Store?

Yes, all of the shipping options available using the Shopify Ecommerce Plugin will be the exact same as your Shopify store.

Are Variants Still Available for My Products?

The Shopify Ecommerce Plugin allows your customers to select different variants for your product. Once products are added to your cart, your customers will also be able to adjust the quantity for their purchase as well.

Does the Shopify Ecommerce Plugin Come with a Shopping Cart?

Yes, when you install the Shopify Ecommerce Plugin and add a product to one of your pages or posts, your WordPress site will also get a pop-out shopping cart. Your customers will be able to see their purchases and buy multiple products at a time.

Have any more questions about the Shopify Ecommerce Plugin? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to help you out.

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