What is a Shopify Guru?

What is a Shopify Guru?

Everyone needs a bit of enlightenment in their life. At Shopify, this is included with your shop in the form of a Shopify Guru :)

What is a Shopify Guru?

^ That's just a few of us. Proof to you that we are not robots (though Theresa does own an Optimus Prime helmet).

Shopify Gurus are here as a resource for you! Ask your guru anything about setting up your shop to marketing your store, we're here to help!

To help you get to know a few of our gurus better, we held a quick Q&A

Liz McDonald:
What's on your desk? "Dwight Schrute, duh".

Sumit Sehkri:
When was the last time you made someone cry? "Yesterday, when I made Ben C. cry over NHL 11".

Ben Courtice:
What are you listening to right now? "Motivation tapes written and recorded by Ben Courtice".

Tetsuro Takara:
When do you break out into dance? "When my inbox hits triple digits".

Theresa Nguyen:
What's your favorite puncutation mark? "Does :) count?"

Brian Alkerton:
If you were going to audition for Canadian Idol what would you sing? "I actually did audition for Canadian Idol. Sang 16 Tons".

The Shopify Gurus are here for you so USE us! Just email guru@shopify.com.



  • lois schmidt
    lois schmidt
    June 01 2011, 10:10AM

    we are most interested in marketing our web site—-tried Vurve and they are not taking on new accounts as of a letter receive at 12;53 THIS A M
    we would appreciate some input as to where to try next.
    thanking you in advance for a quick response


  • Alex V
    Alex V
    November 18 2014, 07:37PM

    I want to start my e-shop on shopify. I´m starting to sell only 3 products (services), and already have a web design on Instapage. Is there a way to import from shopify all that info? I´m trying to make it from scratch but having a lot of trouble making it look the same.

    Thanks in advance for your time.

  • Diane
    November 14 2017, 03:49PM

    Hi Shopify gurus!

    Is there someone I can get to help me setup my shop store without paying 500.dollars?

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