Accelerate Checkout With Shopify Pay

Shopify Pay accelerated checkout

Update: Shopify Pay is now Shop Pay. Learn more here.

When shoppers find something they love online, nothing takes the wind out of their sails like filling in a ton of fields at checkout.

Now, with Shop Pay (formerly Shopify Pay), your customers can check out in seconds by entering a 6-digit verification code sent directly to their phone. They’ll no longer need to spend time typing in their shipping and payment details anytime they want to buy from you, or any other store powered by Shopify.

Shopify Pay will be made available to every store using Shopify Payments over the coming weeks, at no additional cost.

Give shoppers a fast, secure way to pay

Shopify Pay was designed to simplify and speed up your checkout, giving your customers a better experience while also boosting your conversion rate. Already, thousands of Shopify stores have started accepting Shopify Pay. These stores have seen checkout completion times that are up to 40% faster, and a conversion rate that’s up to 18% higher for returning customers.

Shopify Pay is safe and secure. Your customer’s information is encrypted and securely stored on Shopify’s PCI compliant servers. And, the SMS verification codes ensure that only the account owner can check out using Shopify Pay.

How it works

After entering their shipping and payment details, shoppers can opt-in to have their information saved with Shopify Pay. Next time they check out at any store powered by Shopify, they’ll simply type in their email address, followed by a verification code they receive via SMS. 

Shipping and payment information will be pre-filled and customers can complete the purchase with a single tap or click.

Shopify Pay is available to consumers everywhere, using any device or browser. This new two-step Shopify Checkout experience is an easy way to help customers buy and see your sales grow. With Shopify Pay, shoppers are constantly enrolling, so an ever-increasing number of people will be visiting your store with a lightning-fast way to pay.