Introducing: Partners—in Business and Bed

Illustration of a couple in a bed, that is actually a laptop, the screen is the headboard and the key pad is the bed and blanket. They are toasting a glass of champagne. The side tables are post-it note pads, the lights are hanging iphones and there are post-it note artworks on the walls. This is a metaphor for couples who are life and business partners.

Every one of us is unique, making any relationship we’ve ever been in—or will be in—one of a kind. And as someone who’s fascinated by how different couples navigate their lives together, I’m even more intrigued by those who weave both their romantic lives and their professional lives. 

But business and romance: how well do they really mix? What sticky situations have partners run into—and how have they overcome those obstacles? And what does work-life balance really mean in these kinds of scenarios? I decided to find out by becoming the ultimate third wheel—with you along for the ride. 

In this heartfelt and candid series, we’ll get to know couples from all walks of life and varying stages of business, and relationship, growth.

You’ll meet: 

  • Jaz Fenton and Jamil Bhuya, high school sweethearts who didn’t initially set out to be business partners. After leaving behind careers in tech and the public sector, respectively, the couple founded an independent turmeric-centric beauty company. 
  • Arounna Khounnoraj and John Booth, artists and parents to two kids who are running a modern-day mom-and-pop shop by having their production, retail, and living space all under one roof. 
  • Katie and Kyle Wilson, who only knew each other for a few months before they started traveling, working, and living in a van together. Now the husband and wife team runs an eatery that roasts its own cacao and coffee. 
  • Plus a new couple every week. 

If you’re a founder whose personal and business life links with your significant other, please share your story with us here.

Illustration by Shout