How Solé Bicycles Sells 15,000 Bikes A Year With Niche Content Marketing

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You don't need to sell to everyone to build a successful business. 

All you need is a passionate niche and a way to resonate with them on a level that none of your competitors are doing.

That's where content marketing becomes a powerful strategy. 

Ben Petraglia shares with us what it was like building Solé Bicycles, a direct-to-consumer bike company that has harnessed content to achieve 100% growth year over year.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How to beat your competitors by not marketing your product and instead marketing an aspirational lifestyle tied to your product.
  • How they bootstrapped a inventory-heavy business without any significant outside investments.
  • What a "Sourcing Agent" is and how hiring one helped them scale their business smoothly.

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Show notes:

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