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Shopify Email

Email marketing made easy

A pink background featuring a tube with an product user interface overlaid of an email marketing campaign being created easily with the help of Shopify Email. The user is typing a message and designing the layout, which includes selecting a color scheme and arranging various type font elements.

Shopify Forms

Capture more leads

An orange background featuring a tube with an overlaid of an email capture newsletter form and product user interface of email form customization setting panels. The user is typing a title for their form and assigning brand colors to the form, which includes selecting a color scheme and selecting a store discount to add.


Marketing on autopilot

A light purple background featuring a tube with an overlaid of a product user interface of Automations, featuring a workflow window that reads "Start when..." with the action "Customer subscribed to email marketing," implying that a user can set up a workflow automation to trigger an email marketing.


Personalize with data

A purple background featuring a tube with an overlaid of a product user interface of Segmentation. One window showcases an email subscriber grouping segmentation, the percentage of the group and code for the segment. The second window displays a list of customer subscribers and customer data.

Shopify Inbox

Chats that convert

A red background featuring a tube with an overlaid of a customer support chat messaging window with a prompt to 'Write message'.

Let our integrated tools do your marketing for you

This image is a video thumbnail, and shows a mailing list sign-up module using Shopify Forms. The form shown allows a customer to enter their first name, last name, and email address, in exchange for a 15% discount off their first order. The image also shows 3 Shopify admin modules depicting the ability to customize the form displayed on the store.
This image is a video thumbnail, and shows a Shopify Inbox chat module that allows customers to communicate with store representatives. It also depicts the ability to seek instant answers for questions including order tracking and return policy.
This image is a video thumbnail, and shows a Shopify Automations template that can be used to target customers who have purchased specific products in a store.

The power of data

All your data in one place

Work smarter with all your store and customer data organized and visualized in one spot.

A computer screen displays a graph showing a significant increase in sales, likely due to successful marketing efforts, within the Shopify Admin. This image highlights the importance of effective marketing strategies and their impact on business growth.

Complete view of all your data

From customer and order data to store and marketing performance—analyze all your data in one secure, centralized spot.

Powerful personalization

Dig deep into your customer data and create personalized marketing strategies that drive results.

Actionable reporting

With clear, informative reporting tools, you can instantly view performance metrics that inform critical business decisions.

Start quickly and customize easily with marketing templates

Apply our growing collection of templates to your store today and create custom marketing campaigns that increase sales.

Shopify Email

Email templates that reflect your brand


Automate key marketing moments

Abandoned product browse
Welcome new subscriber
Abandoned cart
First-purchase upsell


New ways to think about your customers

Engage high-value, high-intent customers

Target customers who have spent a lot and recently clicked through on your emails.

Predict who will spend more at your store

Use analytics to predict your customer’s spending potential in the future: high, medium, or low.

Market based on specific products purchased

Market related products to customers who have bought specific items in your store.

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Shopify Email

Create, send, and manage custom communications

Create emails from scratch or from templates, send campaigns, automate emails, and report on results.

Shopify Forms

Grow your marketing list and convert new leads

Attract, acquire, and convert new customers with Shopify Forms, a free lead capture solution.

Included in most Shopify Plans.


Set up effective marketing workflows

Quickly set up automatic workflows with templates, or create your own, and streamline your marketing efforts.

Included in most Shopify Plans.


Create and engage unique customer groups

Discover powerful customer insights by creating unique segments, then reach out with personalized campaigns to drive sales.

Included in all Shopify Plans.

Shopify Inbox

Convert more customers through chat

Manage customer conversations, create automated messages, and get insights to focus on chats that convert.

Included in all Shopify Plans.

Email Pricing


Make the most of your marketing budget

Move the slider to see exactly how far your marketing dollars can go. With our flexible pricing, you only ever pay for the emails you send—you’re not locked into a monthly subscription cost.

Your first 10,000 emails are free every month. Then you pay $1/1000 emails, with volume pricing after 300,000 emails.

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Marketing Tools features

Shopify Email

Start from templates

Use any of our popular, business-ready templates and get your emails out the door.

Sell from email

Add checkout buttons directly to your email and watch sales soar.

Branding made easy

All of your brand assets are automatically pulled into your templates.

Automate emails

Choose an automation template, edit your email, turn it on, and watch business grow.

Custom templates


Create and save your ideal email, and then continue to use it over and over.

Shopify Magic in Email

Generate subject lines and email copy, and optimize your scheduled send time using Shopify Magic.

Shopify Forms

Build marketing lists

Capture customer information and add them to marketing email lists.

Keep your data in one place

Build a complete view of your customers all in one, easy-to-use platform.

Design branded forms

Add images, choose from over 200 fonts, and create an engaging first impression.

Display your way


Choose an overlay form, have it float on your store, or use an in-line form on any page.

Better understand your customers


Go beyond name and email, and collect birthdays and phone numbers, too.


Get started quickly

Create your automations in minutes using templates like abandoned carts and first-purchase upsells.

Build your own workflows

Create custom automations for all your marketing needs using our trigger, condition, action interface.

Analyze performance

Understand and improve your automation performance with actionable reports.

Use existing email templates

Start with emails designed for your automation, or choose from your existing Shopify Email templates.

Create multichannel marketing automations


Build custom automations that send emails, push notifications, and SMS marketing messages using apps like AfterShip, PushOwl, and Seguno.


Automatic updates

Segments automatically update as customers meet each segment’s criteria, like buying specific products, getting tagged, spending a specific amount, and more.


Get started in just a few clicks with pre-built segments for groups like first-time customers or high-value customers.

Custom segments

Filter on information like products purchased, amount spent, locations, and more, to build your own custom segments.

Segmented discounts

Limit a discount code in Shopify to only customers in a specific segment.

Segmented emails

Choose from your list of segments to deliver highly relevant emails that convert better, with Shopify Email.

Shopify Inbox

Offer Instant answers

Create automated responses to common questions to help buyers get answers fast.

Chat from anywhere

Inbox mobile app lets you know when a customer is waiting so you can respond on the go.

Build marketing lists

Let customers opt-in to marketing emails when they start a chat.

Connect with email

Capture customer information over chat and immediately follow up with an automated conversion email.

Gain customer context

See details about the customer you’re chatting with, such as what’s in their cart and past order history.

Frequently asked questions

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Work with influencers

Shopify Collabs makes finding and working with influencers seamless.

Run effective ads

Connect with platforms like Google, Facebook, and Tiktok to advertise your products, easily.

Convert new customers risk-free

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