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Havens Luxury Metals is a metal fabrication company specializing in high-end residential products for the kitchen, bath, and outdoors. Founded by Alex Havens in 2016, the company is committed to American craftsmanship. They meticulously engineer and fabricate all of their products in-house, from kitchen sinks to outdoor fire pits and more.

Alex built Havens Luxury Metals’ online store on Shopify from the beginning, and he attributes its ease of use, all-in-one dashboard, and third-party app integrations as key factors in enabling the company’s rapid growth. But it wasn’t until recently that he tried out Shopify Bill Pay to see if it could help him boost his backend office productivity.

With Shopify Bill Pay, Havens Luxury Metals has seen significant benefits, including:

  • Up to two hours per week saved by eliminating manual bill payments
  • Streamlined vendor payment processes through automation
  • Improved cash flow management
  • Reduced paperwork

The Challenge: Administrative burden of managing invoices takes a toll

Before discovering Shopify Bill Pay, Havens Luxury Metals paid their vendors manually, which was time-consuming and inefficient. Alex paid most of his vendors by check, and he had to keep track of each invoice’s due date to ensure nothing slipped through the cracks. It was an inconvenient process that diverted his time away from other important aspects of the business.

“We run through materials pretty quickly in the shop, and we have a lot of vendors to pay,” Alex says. “It was a headache having to worry about sending a check immediately every week, especially since I prefer to pay my bills closer to their due dates. But we didn’t have a way to automate that process.”

As the business grew, the inflow of vendor invoices continued to accelerate, and the process of managing them became increasingly tedious. When Alex learned about Shopify Bill Pay and how it might help him improve the way he was managing his bills, he was quick to give it a try.

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Solution: Automatically ensuring vendors get paid their way

Alex set up Bill Pay directly from the Shopify admin with just a few clicks, and it didn’t take much longer than that for the solution to prove how valuable it could be to the business. “As soon as I saw how Bill Pay gave me the ability to just drag and drop an invoice right within the Shopify admin I was hooked,” says Alex. “I was like, ‘I’m never writing a check again.’”

With Bill Pay, Alex was able to upload his bills to the system along with each vendor’s payment preferences. After paying a vendor for the first time, their details were saved for future payments.

With all of their invoices centralized through Bill Pay and vendor payment details added, the company could finally automate their payments and eliminate the need for writing checks. Regardless of how Alex chose to pay — whether by credit card, ACH transfer, or Shopify Balance — Bill Pay automatically took care of issuing payment to each vendor via their preferred means, even if they needed to receive a paper check.

The Results: More time to focus on growth

Shopify Bill Pay enabled Havens Luxury Metals’ to transform the way they scheduled, paid, and managed their bills practically overnight. With every invoice consolidated into the Shopify admin, Alex and the team no longer need to worry about tracking due dates to avoid early payments or the possibility of late fees — Bill Pay takes care of this for them.

“I really like how with Bill Pay, if I get an invoice and it says Net 30 terms, I can simply drop it in Bill Pay and forget about it entirely because I know the bill will get paid whenever I schedule it,” says Alex. “That alone is worth its weight in gold.”

Alex estimates he’s saving up to two hours a week writing checks thanks to Bill Pay. He also credits it with helping him keep his company’s finances better organized since he can access all his bills and payments within the Shopify admin, which he already relies on to monitor his orders, sales, and web traffic data.

With valuable time and resources freed up, the team is focused on their goals of expanding their product range and delivering world-class products to their customers across the globe.

With Shopify Plus and Shopify Bill Pay, Havens Luxury Metals saw results fast.

  • Up to two hours per week saved by eliminating manual bill payments
  • Streamlined vendor payment processes through automation
  • Improved cash flow management
  • Reduced paperwork

Shopify Bill Pay transformed our payment process, eliminating the need for writing checks and giving us more control over our cash flow. It’s helped us streamline our operations and stay focused on our core mission of delivering exceptional, handcrafted metal products to our customers around the world.

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