Shopify Bill Pay

A better way to pay the bills

Easily schedule, pay, and manage business bills with Shopify Bill Pay—all from your store admin.

A Black male merchant listening to music on his headphones and paying business bills with Shopify Bill Pay on his laptop

Boost efficiency, reduce costs

You’ve got better things to do than worry about bills. That’s why there’s Bill Pay.

Simplify your day-to-day

Save time by scheduling recurring payments.

Stay in sync

Effortlessly sync with Gmail, QuickBooks® Online, and Stocky.

Streamline everything

Batch pay bills, and combine payments to save transaction fees.

Flexible business payments

With Bill Pay, you call the shots

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Pay your way

Make payments with your Shopify Balance1 account, bank transfer, debit card, or even a credit card that lets you accumulate points.2

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Please your vendors

Let vendors decide how they want to receive funds—by bank transfer or check—regardless of how you pay.

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Control your cash flow

Keep working cash on hand to fund growth or investments by leveraging a credit card to make payments.

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Lower your costs

Skip subscription fees, pay for free3 with Shopify Balance or domestic transfer, and combine bills to save on transaction fees.

Add, schedule—done

Seamlessly automate your bills in your Shopify admin, so you can get back to the bigger picture.

A Black male merchant paying business bills with Shopify Bill Pay on his laptop and taking notes

1. Add bills or invoices

Populate your account by syncing with Gmail, QuickBooks® Online, or Stocky, forwarding from your email, or adding bills manually. Add vendors, suppliers, rent, utilities, shipping, marketing, and more.

2. Choose how to pay

Select a payment method that works best for your business. It doesn’t matter if your payee accepts that method or not.

3. Schedule payments

Set it and forget it. Pay bills right away, schedule one for the future, or plan batch and recurring payments that suit your timeline.

Bill payments made for commerce brands

Shopify Bill Pay vs. other business payments solutions
FeaturesShopify Bill PayOther bill pay solutions
Pay bills the way you want(Shopify Balance, debit/credit card, ACH bank transfer, international wire transfer)Shopify Bill Pay
Other bill pay solutions
Send payments internationally4Shopify Bill Pay
Other bill pay solutions
Sync to QuickBooks® OnlineShopify Bill Pay
Other bill pay solutions
Sync to Gmail and StockyShopify Bill Pay
Other bill pay solutions
Free payments3 with Shopify Balance or domestic bank transferShopify Bill Pay
Other bill pay solutions
Manage bills from the same place you run your businessShopify Bill Pay
Other bill pay solutions
No subscription fees—periodShopify Bill Pay
Other bill pay solutions
Alex Havens, Founder of Havens Luxury Metals

Shopify Bill Pay transformed our payment process, eliminating the need for writing checks and giving us more control over our cash flow.

A blue and an ornage smoothie from Holy City Straw Company

Shopify Bill Pay reduced our international transaction fees by a staggering 60%—overnight. With immediate savings, we were able to allocate resources more effectively and optimize our daily financial management tasks.

  • Holy City Straw Company
  • Nick Kushuba — Owner
A merchant typing on their laptop with a notebook open next to them

shopify bill pay

The next best thing to no bills at all


Introducing Shopify Bill Pay

Save time and schedule all your business bills right from your admin with Shopify Bill Pay.

What is accounts payable?

Stay on top of business spending. Learn more about the accounts payable (AP) process and helpful tools.

Get started with Shopify Bill Pay

Learn more about scheduling, paying, and managing business payments with Shopify Bill Pay.

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Frequently asked questions

  • 1Shopify Balance is a free business financial account enabled by Shopify and provided by Stripe and its partners Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC, and Celtic Bank. Balance is available to US merchants using Shopify Payments. Find out if your business meets eligibility requirements for opening an account.
  • 2Points and rewards earned from credit cards are dependent on your card provider and eligible rewards categories, and are not awarded through Shopify Bill Pay.
  • 3Standard bank transfers (3-4 days processing) with Shopify Balance and external bank accounts are free with Bill Pay. Express transfers and other payment methods have associated fees. Learn more
  • 4International payments incur a low $20 fee per transaction and can only be sent from your Shopify Balance or bank account.

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