Shopify Capital Loans And Cash Advances

Fast, flexible, hassle-free financing

Simplify financing, automatically pay as a percent of your sales, and manage all aspects of your business right from your admin.1

Don’t have a Shopify store? Start for free, then get your first month for $1.Available in select countries. Offers to apply do not guarantee financing. All financing through Shopify Capital is issued by WebBank in the United States.

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Powering businesses like yours

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  • ChocZero
  • Turntable Lab
  • Nomad
  • Tecovas
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  • Pashion
  • Shock Surplus
  • Fable
  • Jacked Up Fitness
  • Teema

Capital Loans and Cash Advances made for commerce

Shopify is the only finance partner with a 360° understanding of your business, so we’ll have an offer ready the moment you’re eligible for financing.

Transparent pricing

No annual fees, or compounding interest. No surprises.

No hard credit checks

Offers are based on our unique, in-depth view of your business.

Seamless integration

Manage financing in the same admin you use to run your business.

Full control

Scale and thrive with Shopify. No equity, or stake taken—ever.

Business lending, simplified

Take advantage of proactive financing. Shopify leverages machine learning that analyzes data about your business and reaches out the moment you’re eligible for financing.

Shopify Capital Loans and Cash Advances analytics table detailing the percentage of repayment from a merchant’s daily sales over 3 days.

Fast financing

If approved, receive financing in as quick as two business days and put your money to work.

Proactive lending

Shopify leverages machine learning to identify when you’re eligible—before you even apply.

Renew early

Scale at speed with options to top-up before you’ve fully paid back your current round.

Pay as you sell

Automatically make flexible repayments as a percentage of your daily sales.1

Loans and Cash Advances by the numbers

Up to $2M

in financing2

$5.1B+ in financing

to businesses on Shopify

0% equity

no stake taken—ever

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Shopify Capital allows us to dominate the market for specific products. In fact, our gross profit margins increased by 15%.

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Shopify Capital Loans And Cash Advances

Commerce financing the way it should be

Optimize cash flow, keep bestsellers stocked, invest in paid marketing, expand into brick and mortar, and more. Apply today.


Financing guide

See how Capital Loans and Cash Advances can move your business forward.

Cash flow calculator

Get a full understanding of your business cash flow in five minutes or less.


Learn more about funding your business through Shopify Capital.

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Frequently asked questions

Available in select countries. Offers to apply do not guarantee financing. All financing through Shopify Capital is issued by WebBank in the United States. Financing through Shopify Capital is either in the form of a merchant cash advance (MCA) or loan depending on location.

  • 1Shopify Capital loans must be paid in full within 18 months, and two minimum payments apply within the first two 6 month periods.
  • 2Amounts presented are in USD. Offers for eligible merchants are made in their local currency.