Why Marion Smith Turned Down a 6-Figure Salary to Become an Entrepreneur

marion smith

Risk is a necessary part of entrepreneurship. And sometimes that means saying no to a sure-thing in the pursuit of something better. 

That's the story of Marion Smith, a designer who turned down a $150K salary in the paper crafts industry to create her own independent brand and earn 6-figures a month.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How to plan out and manage a subscription box product.
  • Why you should get a large order of samples when working with manufacturers rather than just a few samples.
  • How she was able to build a 20,000+ loyal fan base using YouTube.

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Show notes:

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Felix Thea is the host of the Shopify Masters podcast, the ecommerce marketing podcast for ambitious entrepreneurs, and founder of TrafficAndSales.com where you can get actionable tips to grow your store’s traffic and sales.