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How to Be a Boss: 12 Tips from Queer Eye

Photo collage of (from left to right) Karamo Brown, Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, and Tan France, the cast of the Netflix TV show Queer Eye

So you wanna be a boss. Netflix and chill will yourself to get off the couch already. How to Be a Boss (According to Your Favorite Shows) is your excuse to binge all the TV you want. It’s career inspiration, right? As for me, chain-watching teen dramas now qualifies as research to bring you this informative series. We all win.

Oh henny, you’re getting nowhere with those eyebrows.

In what may seem like a humiliating shakedown, five gay men and a production crew storm the lives of basic Americans, scrutinizing dingy hand towels and wayward neckbeards. Netflix’s Queer Eye kicks off each episode in a pageantry of flying laundry and pithy one-liners. But there is a lesson here: how you present yourself matters.

Beauty is on the inside, the Fab Five acknowledges, but how will anyone see it behind all of that hair!? At the conclusion of each episode, not one eye—queer or otherwise—is dry (including mine). Because dude didn’t just get shamazing new pants—he learned to love himself in those pants.

Queer Eye isn’t a makeover show. It’s a how-to guide to owning your life. And you don’t have to “strugg to func” in personal grooming or home decor to actually learn a thing or two. Here’s how to be a boss—in the shower, in business, in life—according to the Fab Five:

1. Surround yourself with people who support you. Like five strangers from TV.
Karamo, Bobby, Tan, Antoni, and Jonathan stand on a public bus, looking off camera in an episode of Queer Eye.
Christopher Smith/Netflix
2. Dabble in other potential career paths to find your true calling.
Jonathan stands in an oversized cake, and Karamo dances in a firefighter hat, while the cast of Queer Eye watches.
Christopher Smith/Netflix
3. Always be on brand.
Antoni holds a rainbow umbrella against a sky with a rainbow in an episode of Queer Eye.
Christopher Smith/Netflix
4. Get yourself a mentor who looks at you the way Tan looks at a French tuck.
Tan inspects a T-shirt held by a woman in an episode of Queer Eye.
Christopher Smith/Netflix
5. You can run a business from anywhere—even your RV. (It just might need a makeover first.)
Jonathan gestures toward a camper van covered in a tarp while Karamo stands by in an episode of Queer Eye.
Denise Crew/Netflix
6. Lean on your support network. But, girl, watch the hair.
Tan hugs Antoni around the neck in an episode of Queer Eye.
Christopher Smith/Netflix
7. Your ideas are shamazing. Tell the world, zaddy.
Karamo, Tan, Bobby, Jonathan, and Antoni wear party accessories and stand at a bus stop with a sign that says “95th & Troost” in an episode of Queer Eye.
Christopher Smith/Netflix
8. Don’t panic yet. And when you do, make sure the camera is rolling (it’s good for ratings).
Karamo guides a woman through the gates of a yard in an episode of Queer Eye. Her eyes are closed, and her hands are in a prayer gesture.
Christopher Smith/Netflix
9. Serve some realness.
Jonathan prepares to shoot an arrow with a bow at an archery range in an episode of Queer Eye. Karamo, Bobby, and campers stand nearby.
Denise Crew/Netflix
10. ...but know when to let your gorg hair down, too.
Tan, Karamo, and Jonathan use Hula-oops on a deck in an episode of Queer Eye.
Christopher Smith/Netflix
11. Protect your intellectual property (and your skin).
Jonathan holds an umbrella decorated with small hearts and speaks to two women who are sitting on the bumper of a truck in an episode of Queer Eye.
Christopher Smith/Netflix
12. And remember, henny, sometimes you can’t do everything yourself.
Bobby and Karamo sit on a couch comforting a crying man in an episode of Queer Eye.
Christopher Smith/Netflix

 Feature image by Niall McClelland